Simucube 2 + PS5 Gran Turismo

Hello Guys! Have you planned to officially add your device to new PS5 platform? Gran Turismo is a powerful machine that grows and grows. We have the best racing game graphics in the world on PS4 now instead of all PC Sims and games, so i’m scary to imagine what graphics they made for Gran Turismo on PS5. So, i hope you worked in this direction?

Licensing for Sony is not straightforward, and there are third-party solutions existing for PS4. Lets see what PS5 will bring.


Yes, of course, i know about PS4 solutions…

Might be a pretty game but it’s just a simcade sadly and will never compete with PC sims. I’m sure running certain DD on playstation is a no go due to software and things like pedals and shifters need a seperate usb unless you use summit like fanatec.

Yes, with excellent graphics no one still don’t made instead of Gran Turismo, that’s why it’s a big pleasure to drive and relax on nordschleife :slight_smile:

Or you could drive an accurate version of the Nordschleiffe on iRacing :smiley:

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This is two different worlds

you can use SC2 or sc1 or accuforce with ps4 right now.
search on internet how to do. some limitations still but is comparable to dedicated solutions.

Or rFactor2 2018 version even better :wink:

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Yes, you are right, rFactor 2 is amazing. But, i think, PS5 bet all sims in graphics :smiley:

The Device is already setup and work perfectly with PS4 GT Sport. Thank you Guys. FFB Setup was custom prepared in True drive, spend some time and it work great :slight_smile:

Here is my video of real GT Sport how it’s looked in real, not like kids playing on youtube.

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