Simucube 2 Pro Wireless connection

Is it possible to turn off wireless signal (frequencies) on Simucube 2 Pro? Because am not planing to use any wireless wheels. Do you have any documentation about this?

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It is not possible nor a required feature. In fact, the next version the scanning of wireless devices will be automatically enabled all the time, and the currently available start and stop scan -functions will be replaced with a simple “clear list and keep scanning” -function, which will help in cases where the scan results list has results from wheels that are not announcing anymore.

After so many requests to make it optional you are making it permanently enabled.

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There was not a valid reason to make it optional…

For performance benefit of doubt:

The wireless receiver module has its own microcontroller that sends scan results as events to Simucube if there are anything to send. The reception on Simucube firmware side is made by DMA-based serial reception. So the overhead of checking how many received bytes are in the reception buffer (direct access to a USART register on the microcontroller) has probably even less delay than comparing whether or not a the check should be done (via a variable in memory).

Thanks for explanation, Mika.
And I thought understanding operating principle of Turbo Encabulator was hard. :slight_smile:

Why users without wireless wheels need it at all. If it can be disabled with TD, why not make it operate same way as permanent High Torque, i.e. load settings when you start TD, no need to make any changes to FW for that.

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because that would be extra work without any benefit.

Why does a car have a stereo system if the driver does not like to listen to music? Why does a car have ABS brakes if the driver never drives in such a way to need them? Why does a car have a luggage compartment even if the driver never carries more than a backbag or a handbag?

It is for ease of use.


Bad analogy as stereo can be turned off and when I restart the car it’s still off.
But have it your way, customer is never right.

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Are you turning off or disabling usb ports, sata ports, and display connectors as well, when you are not using them?

This is not meant as anything personal, I’m just trying to find a justification for work that makes our product more difficult to use and adds code complexicity.

Disable everything that I don’t use and what can create conflcts, performance issues or resources contention, yes.
That includes software and hardware.

Isn’t that just common sense?

Anyway, you have made your point. Sorry for taking your time.


It would be right, to make a button in UI software (ex. in wireless section). Because a lot of people don’t use wireless wheels so why signal should work all the time. Most of electronic items have this feature: TV, consoles and so on.
I would be very happy if you add this feature in the future. Please :slight_smile:
Ps. I understand your position, but for some customers it will be valuable options.

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As the scanning of wireless wheels does not affect the system otherwise in any way, please tell us what concrete value this would be. Thanks.

Like @Andrew_WOT
Yes I turn of stuff I don’t use.
Sata? Ancient stuff : off
Display connectors? Off, saves me between 25 and 55w.
Com, LPT etc etc? Off, I have USB to ancient connector cables.

The only thing I don’t turn off is USB, proven measurements show me an unused port is using near to 0 watt.

The power usage of BLE is extremely low, the radiation is also just cm’s from the base.
The only viable reason would be to not display the scanning progress in Windows and not use the GPU resources…
Which are not used anyway if the bar is not visible onscreen.

For me the power part is a non issue and stopping the image from moving is just something that makes me feel better :grimacing:

So if you want me to feel better just keep the moving button :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And once GD decides to turn it off, the support requests start rising again from people who bought wireless wheels and can’t get it to work because they are too lazy to read the manual to know that they need to manually enable it… if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!


Please don’t twist this. If it’s on by default, same as Low Torque, why would that be an issue?
All phones have option to turn BT off, so it’s hardly a new concept.

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It IS on by default, so what’s your point exactly??

I think what Andrew is suggesting is to leave the wireless scanning on by default so as not to cause confusion for new users, but to also have an option where if we would like to switch it off, we can, and then have it stay switched off until it is manually renabled.

Back when I had a wired wheel I would go into the wireless tab on every startup and turn it off as a habit (probably my OCD :laughing:)

It would be nice for those who want it, if it could be switched off just once and stay permanently off.

Happy to be corrected if I’ve misinterpreted Andrew’s wishes.


Exactly that, thanks Paul.
Not like it’s going to kill me but visiting that tab on each and every startup to turn off the feature I don’t use and most likely never will, is getting a bit old and annoying.
I understand that this is not a priority, but to me it’s in the same usability category as permanently enabled High Torque.


In the very beginning, I also always turned it off manually because I thought it would unnecessarily consume cpu or memory.
However, as Mika then posted this was not the case I just forget about it and don’t care anymore.
Heck, I don’t even look at TD anymore since the auto High Torque mode and auto startup in windows :wink: