Simucube 2 pro True drive bug report. Several versions. Wheel skips bumpstops and spins at lethal speeds

Simucube 2 pro
Windows 10 1909

In Truedrive 10
Rfactor2 on car spinouts the wheel will 95% of the time go straight trough the bumpstops spin multiple times and rip the rims coiled cable out of its socket

In Truedrive 13
Assetto corsa. Car at rest, driving very slowly the wheel will have rapid oscillation from FFB and has resulted in a rapid spin as it has gone past the bumpstops and gone several rotations back at full force nearly taking my hands with it. Did not happen once in version 10 but could be possible that the situation needed was not there.

Truedrive 13. Have not tested others but assuming same.
Playing with the wheel outside any game and just in the software at any bumpstop angle, strength or damping will sometimes go soft and let you go past the bumpstop resulting in the wheel wanting to go back. The harder the stop, the more and increasingly harder it will try and go back.

From what i see on the debug output when testing it goes into power saving mode.InitSucsess torqOffSaving which is when it allows me to go past the bumpstop and then wants to go back. If its the same issue in game will be up to you to figure out.

This is highly dangerous.

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The TorqOffSaving is used by the data collection for device telemetry in the latest firmware version. The device will not try to collect data if there are active FFB effects. However, we will improve this to be less intrusive for next version.

Regarding the first two points - nothing related to FFB effects or processing was changed in .13.

happened to me in rfactor2 the one time I tried it, spun my wheel and ripped the cable. I had to get new cables for the wheel. I have been afraid to try it again

Thank you for the reply. i See the torqOffsaving comes up at a regular interval and i can move past the bumpstop every time it does.

As for versions. Im guessing then it may have been there a while but the conditions has not been right for it to spin in Assetto Corsa as its only happened twice when ive been at slow speed or backing the car. Then it has the odd behavior of rapid short oscillations due to ffb input from the game.

I have not had any issues in Iracing so far.

Thats what happens for me too but luckily my cable has survived the 10+ times. Ive stopped playing RF2 for the moment.

Same problem here with Richard Burns Rally, but I not replicated it since then, try playing with bumpstop forces.

Same issue here, while in TD bouncing or holding wheel against bumpstop just go past with TorqueOffSaving message.

What is that TorqueOffSaving anyway, I keep clicking No on Telemetry collect confirmation dialog on TD startup (super annoying btw), so that should not be telemetry collection based on end user selection, right?
But for whatever reason Telemetry Settings shows “Telemetry allowed” and I am seeing that torqueOffSaving message every few seconds.

that will be fixed for the next firmware version.