Simucube 2 Pro R2 Power consumption

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I have been looking into the wheelbase DD market for a while and after a couple months of research,
I am now leaning heavily towards Simucube Sport or Pro. Because of power instability in my town, I have my whole setup on a UPS which can hold maximum 1200W of consumption. Therefore I am interested in knowing what the consumption of the Pro R2 is more or less, since there has been a confusion on this matter online.
On Simucube site the peak Watt consumption is listed as 450W for the Pro, but in youtube reviews the PSU provided with the Pro is only 300W. On some articles and/or posts it is said that the old 2x280W has been replaced by a 450W PSU for the R2 version.
My knowledge on electronics is not very extensive, but I doubt that you can replace 2x280W PSUs with 1x300W PSU and still have a possible peak of 450W. Please verify.

Thanks in advance!

According to the product page, the Pro R2 does come with a 450W power supply.

Agreed on what the page says, but it does not actually. Links of youtube reviews that show a 300W power supply out of the box with PRO R2.

Is the power written on the PSU wrong? Or is it the page?

It is 450w, this has been discussed. Give me a minute to find the forum post

The discussion about the wattage was in October 2020

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Thank you for this answer and sorry for reposting an old question, I did not research enough on this forum as it seems…

No problem and sorry if my response was a bit stern :joy: That wasn’t my intention

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There was also another discussion about this topic at some point, but I’m too busy to find it right now.

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I hope this doesn’t open up the can of worms again that was just closed :slight_smile:

But to reply to your question, I suppose 1200W is enough depending the other devices connected to your UPS. 450W should only be short peaks if any that the PSU draws.

UPSs also can break the protective grounding on some UPS units, which is not good. I would start from the reason why you need that UPS.

I got a UPS because in my town we can have very hot summers, so the energy grid has power fluctuations or even shutdowns because of A/C overusage. Unfortunately we can also get energy grid instability during snow or heavy rain in my town, usually it’s just fluctuations with lights rarely going off/on for less than a second. So I thought that protecting my desktop (750W PSU), two 24’’ Monitors and Router with a UPS is a good idea and I would put the wheelbase on the UPS as well if not advised otherwise.