Simucube 2 Pro - - Problem - Rattling Sound and vibration not caused by FFB

Hi Mika,

Please find attached videos. Something has gone seriously wrong. Rattling noises and vibrations. I have done troubleshooting and ensured I have done all the things I can do to solve. Please help!.


This forum is not officially support path,although I’m the only one at the moment to read this forum daily.

Which software version? Settings? game settings?

Hi Mika,

Software version 2021.8
Firmware: 1.1.33
Servo firmware: 10829

We are working on some audible noise in this release (also listed in the release notes). We assume that the next update will be released next week.


Yes, the noise does not bother me as I saw it mentioned on another post and understand that you guys are working on a fix.

My main concern is the rattle from the motor itself. I submitted a request. It is only six months old and usage has been “unfortunately” minimal.


You have resonances from chasis/rig, did you changed something recently?
Try to revert back to firmware 2021.7

Hi Alfye,
Yes, I must look how to revert back to older firmware as the only thing I did recently is update.

See Simucube 2 firmware downgrade
It’s very easy - just start an older version of truedrive with a command line switch to tell it you want to downgrade your current firmware.

Hey Layli,

Top video is because theirs’s no wheel Attached, My S2U goes mental without a wheel attached.



Thanks all - downgraded firmware and solved all my issues. I’ll wait for a newer release and try again soon.