Simucube 2 Pro Operating temperature

Hey Joe, no issues, I will ignore him, as he is deliberate obtuse. No dramas. You can read all about it over on iRacing, he is even arguing with the Devs. What a clown. I wish there was an ignore button, but sadly not.

With that attitude, he will be very unpopular. No one will help him. I am done with him, so no issues.


Who give you rights to speak with me in that manner? I don’t need your useful advices

seriously, chill out. no need for drama in this forum.


What signal clipping, which in my experience is easily avoidable on high torque wheelbases like SC2, has to do with original question on unit temperature. I can have clipping settings with wheel just making 5nm, will that cause heating?
BTW, my unit barely gets lukewarm, never hot.

The original question got answered in the first reply. But the statements after about the lack of clipping at the specified settings were not true which leads to discussion on a forum. Maybe the thread should’ve been locked after the first reply. Question answered, done.

I don’t share my slew rate limit and force reconstruction filter settings. How you can write that i have clipping if you don’t know this settings? I even don’t ask advice about clipping in this thread. What are you doing here? Are you trolls?

Ehh you did not even start this thread? Maybe read @Maksim_Yefanov his posts again… He also posted a screenshot of all his TD settings including slew rate.

Lol. I’m Maksim Yefanov!!! That was my temporary account before i access my old one! There is No slew rate and recon filter. Congratulations!

Dude, again, calm down.

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The signal will get clipped at the game’s level because of the max force setting. True drive settings wont make a difference in that case.

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Where do you come from so smart with so much “knowledge” Why you all write this thread i don’t understand iracing pay you money? :smiley: Game FFB Indicator is green

Please don’t close the thread, i still want to share my temperature for better knowledge and experience for our device. Just need some days

Andrew, you missed the 2nd part of his opening post. Go and reread and you might also logically deduce there is clipping at play. Hence providing some feedback from my experience on that topic.

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See it now. :skull_and_crossbones:

Extra confusing thread since he changed his name after a few posts.

I read the hardware thread on iRacing also.

I don’t know why someone would try it, but has anyone ever tried to run SC2 completely unfiltered?

Does that in itself induce heat?

The wheel must feel like you are driving on the rims!

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Hi Joe,
If you remember the old Argon days, we had quite rudimentary filters by today’s standards, the ffb was as raw as you could get back then. There has been advances in the electronics and base drive FW development since then, so it is not 100% directly comparable to 2014 OSW.

But still, running without any filter (especially in iRacing) is a pretty raw and rather noisy experience, people most likely think that the raw unfiltered or very low-filtered ffb is representative of real life, but it is a far cry from it, carefully applied filters though can approach real-life feel.

I’ve been doing a lot of testing vs my real-life Mustang with track-pack suspension and roll-bars, and how I am running my wheel now is closest to how the Mustang feels. To simulate road-noise and other effects, it is better to use shaker with a decent AMP, even a single shaker with a 100-150W amp will give a far better feedback of those effects that shouldn’t really be coming through the wheel-rim any way.

As for the wheel temperature filtered vs unfiltered, it should run cooler unfiltered, as with filtered, you always have some constant effects applied as a % of the max torque for your servo….

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Yes Argon with no filtering would rattle your teeth!!

Yeah Beano I assumed that there is some filtering by default on SC2.

Makes sense that no filtering would be more likely to run cooler.

Lols, I was either crazy, brave or stupid back them running the Argon and Lenze combination, man, those were the days :lol:

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Yeah wild times!
I still have an Argon and 2 of the original Lenze. I just can’t let myself sell them. :slight_smile:

In fact I kept one build of all OSW.
VSD E ,Argon, Ionix1 and SC1.

These newbies have it made!! LOL
If only they knew.:slight_smile:

Oh, the memories - and very true on your last statement :wink: