Simucube 2 Pro Operating temperature

Hi! iracing is load my simucube in 100%. The base is hot after the race is about 45 - 50 degrees. Is it normal?

i use full load 25 Nm in true drive and in iracing too. I don’t want to broke my base but i can’t set lower values because there is no car feeling and grip.

It is normal and fine at that temperature. The electronics is clever enough to know when to derate the output torque if certain temperature-limits are exceeded. This torque-duration is linear and I doubt you would feel it. In SC2 development phase, I was torturing my wheel to pretty high temperatures, 65-70deg C, could not feel deration coming on, that is how discrete it was.

I’ve used these systems for years without issues, you will be ok.

PS: if you’re running that torque level and say there is no feeling or grip, best post screenshots of your settings, because something is amiss. That is not normal to not feel anything with that level, unless you are running a car that is clipping the signal at that level all the time, such as a high DF car.

But even then, you will have a lot of feedback under the clipping-level. Enough so to rattle you real good.

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No Clipping. Ideal FFB. I have write to iracing forum

Maksim, if you are driving most GTE cars or any downforce cars in iRacing at those levels, once you enter into tight high-speed corners, you will get clipping, it is not debatable.


No clipping, very smooth and quiet wheel. No red zone in iracing telemetry. Green. Red only on grass or in the wall

Mate, at those settings, he WILL GET CLIPPING in iRacing in the BMW M8. It is the setpoint that will clip at anything above the 25NM level, thus the signal that the DD wheel will see above 25NM will be a straight line. So, also then, logic dictates that the servo-output will be a constant force above 25NM setpoint level.

I have tuned these wheels for 7 years now, so I know what’s happening with them in iRacing.

You have not seen his iRacing settings, wheel is set there also to 25NM. So you can guess what the end result is. Or are you telling me that the M8 will never go above 25NM? Only when you are hitting walls or on grass?

Well, if you’d like me to prove it to you, I can :wink:

What you mean by clipping? My iracing telemetry is show me green line everywhere. Very quiet wheel
Also, by that time i drive only Porsche GT3 and Lamborghini GT3.

What is the temperature of your room while driving and also how have you measured the surface temperature?

24 Degrees room. I can measure by using pyrometer some day, but it really very hot, not less than 45 degree

OK. This 45-50 degrees Celsius is not in any way harmful for the wheelbase if you ponder that. The motor and electronics inside of it are OK to about 85 degrees Celsius, no damage caused to them, some components can handle more some of them not, but the electronics will protect themselves and it will not over heat itself. However it is rare to hear people reach anything over 50 degrees Celsius. Ambient temperature will affect to the surface temperature as the wheelbase is passively cooled. In high torque use, the surface temperature may reach about 25 - 30 degrees above ambient temperature.

@phillip.vanrensburg For sure he will get tons of clipping with that. Yesterday in the Porsche 911 GT3 R I was using 38nm ingame and 25.1nm (100% SC2 Pro) in TD. The results in Motec shows me 1.29% clipping over a full lap without crashing and I’m OK with that:

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Hi Dave, yes, your graph is what I would expect for that car. I won’t answer him again, he basically told me that because I have much fewer races than he does, I know not of which I speak.



I’ve asked David Tucker to put the wheel max force setting in the iRacing telemetry output so people can use it to calculate their real wheel force in Motec. It should be in the upcoming build. :slight_smile:

Good initiative, will definitely help those that are willing to learn and experiment :wink: Thanx for the heads-up.

With my big wheel, I basically just set and forget anyway, as it is so big and torquey, I don;t have to worry about clipping ever, it covers every car nicely. But it will definitely be a big help to guys with lower torque wheels that need to adjust it to fit all cars they’re driving.

Ye although people are not looking into these details. Else they wouldn’t consider buying any 5 or 8nm direct-drive aka CSL DD :slight_smile:
The amount of detail they’re going to miss at force settings which are not even that extreme. For example if I would’ve chosen the 17nm Sport over the 25nm Pro I’d have to put it to 26nm ingame to match the Pro at 38nm and I’d have roughly 14% clipping at that.

Yep, this is the real issue, the one about dynamic range. Quite a few have been having a go at me over the past 7 years or so, on my preference for high torque. Reality is I am only using 35NM max, but because my servo is a 65NM monster, I don’t ever have to worry about clipping.

I simply set the iRacing slider to ~85NM, allowing full signal response. Then, I will adjust the TD slider to suit my taste for response during crash-events, and I am set. I usually leave TD at 70% nowadays. So the end result is a pretty fierce ~35NM, but of course, I can simply slide the iRacing slider to the left/higher value if that is to heavy. These settings are my typical for GTE/GT3 cars….

If I run LMP2, max torque I use is about 25NM, then iRacing slider at 105, TD at 65%. So no chance of any clipping in any car in iRacing, whilst still having the same torque a SC2 Pro can produce….

Yeah getting much more difficult to talk to users.

They come here and ask for help. Then they read a few sentences somewhere and are all of the sudden experts.

Worst part is some of them are NASTY!

This thread about Simucube 2 temperature.
If you can’t manage your clipping in high torque settings, that’s your own problems.

I have been tuning Simucube wheels before you even knew they existed. Same as I said to you over on iRacing, you can lead a horse to the water, you can not force him to drink.

I have no issues tuning my wheel and any other wheels in iRacing. Enjoy sorting yours out.

PS: You have been answered on the temperature topic. I have done so, Tommi from Granite Devices have done so.

But seeing you are unappreciative and entitled, I will never reply to you again. Cheers.