Simucube 2 Pro is Buzzing/Humming

I’m running a 2-Pro with the Simucube 2 True Drive 2020.3 software (Windows 10 Pro & iRacing). The unit has an intermittent heavy buzzing/humming feel & noise. It comes and goes as you drive with no pattern. It does it on pavement and dirt, on ovals and road courses. If sitting still in the Pits with the engine idling, it might start to hum, you can make it go away by turning the wheel and then once you stop turning back & forth, it’ll be silent for a few seconds and then start all over again. It does it while stopped or moving… Thoughts or idea’s on how to make this vibration go away?

Hi! Could you upload a small video with the sound?

Sure, would you happen to know the best way to do this? I am completely new at this stuff and have yet to learn the best way to save/share video and sound-bites…

Video of the sound, picture of your rig and also your settings would be nice to have. Not rigid enough wheel mounting or mounting to a rig can cause these types of issues.

Do the video whit your smartphone whit the characteristic that Mika said.
Then, in this chat ( for instants if you type a reply) there is a menu in the top whit options. One of this options is upload

Are you getting the same issue with 2020.1?

Here’s the first one: Vid #1

And here is video: Video #2

Imagine if you can, while you’re hearing this nose, all of the steering parts are vibrating: the servo-motor & steering wheel… very annoying… and disappointing considering how much this deal costs…

Andrew, thanks for the idea but it had not occurred to me to “go back” on the Firmware… I thought that you always want to keep all of you products as up to date as possible, both on the software and firmware side…???

What type of settings are you using?

No idea!

Some users reported extra noise, grittiness with the latest FW and downgrade was the solution.

Settings Video #3

You use rather low FFB, and you are in the safe torque mode which has quite a bit of damping and friction always-on.

Does the same thing happen also if you do not have a steering wheel installed?

This user has a rig with 2-3ft extension shaft, with a cv joint and support bearing. The buzzing went away in high torque mode.