Simucube 2 Pro Error


2 days ago I got my new Simucube 2 pro and use it on iracing.

I have one big problem!

When I hit a hard curb or the wall, my base is going off…after 2 ore 3 seconds it automaticly goes on again, but i´m out of high force feedback mode…
Sometimes I get a error code which u can see in the picture…
Need some help please!

Thanks Stefan

Do you have both power supplies connected? Can you check that the led on them is on?

Hi Mika thanks for the answer…yes they are both on and the blue leds are lightning

Are the psus properly connected to Simucube? Just to rule out obvious issues…

they are all fine…

What kind of settings are you using?


Next step would be to measure the PSU’s individually. We have had exactly one previous case where they were not matched well enough. Do you have a multimeter?

unfortunately not…
but i think the psus get enough power…

But do they supply enough power? :wink:
And is the load per PSU 50/50?

i have nothing to measure it unfortunately…i tried a few different sockets but nothing changed…

The load per PSU is evenly shared, but not if their output voltage is too far off in the units.

i will get a multimeter tomorrow and will try it

The expected output voltage is near 48.0 volts, and you can use the pinout on the PSU datasheet for reference:

thank you mike, i will let you know how many volts i have tomorrow :slight_smile:

okay now i got my multimeter, one osu has 48,3V the other 48,9V.
So I think the PSU´s are not the problem…

I got that same fault 2 times. And i pushed the stop button inn and out and it fixed it.

Also it would be wise to run it on its own circuit. Dont share same extension cord with pc and screens. It will draw alot of amps during curbes. Even tho it shows right volt when nothing draw power, Might not maintain same understress.

Hi Nick,

it is already running on its own circuit…it doesnt matter if I push the stop button ore not cause the base is not responding any more…
But I agree with you that the volts are okay know but I dont know how fine they are under stress…

It is likely that they are too much apart. Please contact your reseller for further support.

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I will do that, thank you for your support anyway!