Simucube 2 Pro - Downgrade to a very old TrueDrive version

I’m sure that to someone it sounds kinda odd that I’m still using TD version 1.0.8 with my SC2 Pro Base purchased in July 2019, but I want to give the latest version 2022.7 a try - and I’m wondering, if, at any case, I would be able to do a firmware downgrade back to 1.0.8?

But when I’m correct reading this Simucube 2 firmware downgrade, this wouldn’t be possible, nor can it be guaranteed that it will work as it was before …

Thanks in advance!

In the very early firmware versions, there might have been some bugs that could cause it to hang when too new settings data was found on flash. We implemented protections for that at some point.

The disclaimer is mainly to indicate that we do not test downgrading specifically from all versions to all other versions. However, it is known to work for all releases that contain the year.month -format as version number.


Thanks for replying that quick @Mika!

However, at some point you just have to move on, and if it isn’t that what one is expecting, you have to try to adopt to the new (…) best case scenario tho would be, I like it even better … :crossed_fingers:

Have a good day.