SIMUCUBE 2 Pro Abnormal sound of equipment

Yes, you are correct, thats how it works.

But now you have sluggish, no details wheel. Silent but dead. :grinning:

Based on the video, the sounds is within normal limits of Simucube 2.

Yep, “off” means you have no limitation, the limit set to “0”. The full amount of slew rate potential per ms is available. 0.1 therefore means that you have limited almost the full slew rate, that you kind of castrated (didn’t find a better word) your Simucube. If you see a “0” in a profile for slew rate that says there is “0” limitation (slew rate limitation “off”).
What is it for: Fe to limit the very quick and massive amount of torque change coming from a handbrake in rally. It gives the Simucube the possibility to catch up something she normally doesn’t have to handle or can’t handle

I don’t know why the word ‘off’ is used at all as it can cause confusion.

Why not start with the max number at the left and have the number progressively reducing as you slide it to the right.

In the case of the Pro for example:

8.0 Nm/ms<-----> 0.1 Nm/ms

It’s more intuitive to feel that you are adding something as you move a slider to the right, just as we do with damping and friction etc. In this case we are adding limit. I think that would be much easier to grasp.

As it stands now, with the slider moving right to left, it would be easier to grasp if it were named ‘motor acceleration speed’

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True, I’ve been thinking on how to improve it. Perhaps I will experiment on it a bit.


ok, bro, I understand what you mean, I will try to adjust him again tonight

I have the same noise (maybe louder) i have tried default setting, changing different profiles adjusting the slew rate and recon filters but unable to get rid of the noise its very noticeable and in my opinion affects the gameplay. I am really happy with the force feedback and detail but i think if i had known about this noise i may of chosen a different wheelbase and its annoying that i watched a lot of YouTube reviews and videos and never came across this noise or issue at all.

Any suggestions you guys may have let me know, Gary

Mine does the same sound and I never gave it too much attention.
Should I be concerned? :thinking:

Sounds like normal servo chatter to me. I wouldn’t be concerned.

hi guys i was using sc1 before with small mige and then i bought sc2 pro.
and I heard the sound in question and got annoyed here when I consulted on the forum I was told it was normal.
but I’m not too convinced because such a sound in a high-end product seems abnormal to me.
I don’t hear any sound when I plug in headphones.

but as a result, I can’t hear this sound in an older system and a system with aggregation, while sc2 pro also hears this sound.

As far as I understand, should we accept this situation and continue to use the device?

edit:maybe the driver cannot drive the servo properly with the last update.
That’s why I don’t know if this sound is coming out

If the team from Granite assures that it’s absolutely normal the question is (for me) answered. Keep on asking won’t change the answer not a iota. As long as it is only about the sound and not connected to a loss or a failure the question is IMO obsolete. To me it’s complaining about the engine sound of a Ferrari by comparing it to a Tesla (or even worse)

Check if this explanation from Mika satisfactory. I also used to own Mige OSW and it was quieter.


In the past years, this kind of sound was coming out due to the coil whine problem in the graphic cards, and some of the manufacturers accepted that this was a problem and changed them, and some did not accept this as a problem and did not change their products. frankly, it is something that needs to be resolved, I think if this sound is not heard in other products, this can be considered a problem as a result.

Edit:It has no effect on ffb, in a negative sense, I absolutely confirm this. I just think this sound is annoying

I don’t hear it when I wear my headset.

Also my Logitech G27 has even louder sound and they haven’t changed it.

It’s a feature of the tech used, i.e., the type of motor Granite is using more or less. To get the best out of it, they have decided to sacrifice some silence to it.

Would I be willing to have worse FFB to get absolute noiseless wheelbase, no I would not. Although most likely I wouldn’t notice anything if they decided to change it.

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