Weird sound when hitting bump stop or high ffb

I just bought and setup a SC2 Pro. When I hit bump stop or when driving with higher ffb I hear a weird sound. Uploaded a video here: Coming from a DD2 I’m not sure this is normal, but I feel like it isn’t.
Sound is hard to describe, but feels like when I hear it the motor is spinning and it sounds like metal sliding against something?
Anyone know if there’s anything I can try?

I think that’s metallic resonance. Mine does the same thing. I’m not sure if there’s anything you can do about it but I also don’t think it’s an issue. But also I don’t really know much about electronics so I could be wrong

I just got a new one as well and it makes the exact same sound in the exact same scenario.

I also noticed it while playing ACC.

Given that noise is nothing more than vibrating air - I would like to know what’s vibrating in the case and if that’d have a long term impact on stability/quality.

When the granite guys get back from Summer Vacation, it’d be good to get some official comment.

The tuning of the servo drive in our products is quite “tight”. This means that the current measured going to servo motor coils is quite directly used in feedback when next current values are calculated and driven to the same coils. Any minor noise in the measurement causes the motor coils to vibrate a bit, causing audible noise. This is considered normal operation.

We could tune the motor to be more “quiet” but in the expense of the FFB feel. We are working on continuous improvements in this regard.


Thanks Mika - I appreciate the explanation.

Do all the SC Pro’s do this?

If the motor coils are vibrating, would that mean they are moving, and if they are moving, would that impact the force feedback in a negative way?

This is normal and does not affect FFB feel.

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