Simucube 2 Games Compatibility List

Great list thanks, did you have to do anything to get Project cars 2 to work, as I have no FFB. Any advice thanks

I want to add, that theres nothing we can do to make some older titles to suddenly work. At least older WRC titles are such, also Dirt 4 is not being updated (but xml edits can be done to make it work), etc.

I also edited the OP to have our product/trademark name there, instead of another product. Simcube is a completely other type of product :slight_smile:

I got Dirt 4’s FFB working.
Thanks a bunch for the help!
I have updated the list above.

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I can’t remember.
(It was in my Steam list of “simcube games”, so I know it worked (or partially worked at some point.)
I will try it again today to make sure FFB is working.

@justanotheryoyo, you may find this post useful

That post prompted me to start this one.
I thought it would be useful to not only know what people are playing, but also what already does and does not work. :slight_smile:

My mistake, it does not work. I can’t even get the wheel recogized. :frowning:

I am no longer able to edit/ update my original post.
Any chance you could unlock it for me?

It had Simucube without the first U letter all over it, which I had to edit out and replace with Simucube to avoid confusion. Maybe the forum software locked it due to that. I can’t promise to be able to fix it, but please post another list and I’ll replace the content.

Try to use a wheel preset like G29 and adjust it. This should work without problems

device id would be different and sc2 won’t be recognized.

WRC 4 is currently 90% off on Steam and gets good reviews. Before I buy it, has anyone successfully gotten a SC2 Pro to work with WRC 4?

It does not work as far as I know.

WRC 4 was released in 2017, and the development was ended at the end of 2017 after patch or two. Simucube firmware for Simucube 1 was released in September 2017.

We first worked with WRC game development team for WRC 8. Before that title, WRC games had seriously lacking support for multiple game controllers, for example. Not just a Simucube compatibility issue…

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Not even 7 is working with the Simucube 2. 8 to 10 do. Something else: For me paddock presets are a dead end. Today I saw a profile for a Pro, WRC10:
Torque 100%!!
Filter 4
Damping 23
Friction 19
Inertia 6
Static force reduction 40
Slew rate limited to 0.9 Nm/s
Direct input
Damping 20
Friction 18 (doesn’t work in WRC10)
Spring down to 10 (is this desktop spring related?) because there is no such setting in-game)
The wheel behaves like being locked up or squeezed between something.
There are countless profiles with such settings. If I add more than 10% friction for testing my wheels need a lot of force to just bring back

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Welcome to the Paddock club


Thanks! Where is the shortest way out? No!!! Party is great, amazing, thrilling, awesome! Would love to stay but there is an emergency in the family! Would love to stay, so many exciting and interesting people here…:eyes::eyes::smoking:

I also saw Ride 4 is discounted on Steam too. I realise motorbikes don’t use steering wheels :slight_smile:

Nonetheless is there any SC2 support for this game?

the logitech Ghub installer.
I have good experience using x360ce convatering.
I drive along
Simucube 2 Pro.
Heusinkveld Sprint.
Usb adapter mode Fanatec Handbrake.
and usb wheels

to add e.g.
Dirt 2
Forza Horizon 4
Forza Horizon 5
Forza Motorsport 7
Nascar Heat 5
Need For Speed
Need For Speed Heat
Need For Speed ​​Hot Pursuit Remastered
Need For Speed ​​Most Wanted
Need For Speed ​​Payback Need

it works great for me.strong text