Simucube 2 disconnected

During le mans 24 hours my wheel decided to disconnect on the 7 hour mark for 1 second and then came back to life. But it pulled to the left and I crashed into the wall ending our race.

Do you have hands off detection enabled?

It should go to safe torque mode, shouldn’t it?

Same experience even twice, but managed to prevent a crash. But lost all confidence in the motor and did not dare to keep the speed and crash into a wall, we changed driver.
I do not know if it is the root-cause but disabled the power management on all USB devices. Later in the race only powered up the motor just in advance of my stint… Issue so far has not occurred again.
Is my rc assumption correct?
Or is the hands detection the cause?
How to ensure this never happens again?

I would not think it’s the hands-off detection because that would only lower the strength (and add damping etc?), not disconnect it.

This is a lot like windows attempting to turn off USB devices to save power. Disable USB Selective Suspend in Windows power settings, or uncheck the “allow windows to turn off the device to save power” for all USB devices in Device Manager.


Hi. In this case, the same thing keeps happening to me even if I change the usb power option. I have tried other usb cables and the same thing happens.

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Same problem, it happens every 5 minutes or so to me. It disconnects, torque pulls to the center, wheel in the sim goes to the center regardless of actual position of my real wheel. I have Simucube 1, small Mige, firmware of 2017