Simucube 2 D-sub 15 pin usage

where can you buy the plug d-sub 15 pins to connect several devices in usb on simucube base 2,

The D15 Accessory Port is not an USB connector.

The basic documentation of its usage will be released next week.

ok thanks in which section it will be published?

I will make a public thread about it here, and the documentation PDF file will be available on our wiki and also on the website.

The document will only list the currently working features. There are some features that we can make use of later on.

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Ok thank you.
I am looking forward to using this feature.

@redlabel19 I wanted to ask, what are you expecting from the connector - how are you planning to use it - and what would be, in your view, the ideal format of the documentation?

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I expect this connector to be able to connect all my accessories pedalboard and handbrake sifters on base simucube 2, to limit the USB socket and manage in the software true drive and facilitate the configuration in games.

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This will be released tomorrow if everything goes to plan.


hi Mika, you meant TD firmware update to be released today? asking because I am having a lot more frequent faults happening on startup, much more than before, therefore I put my hopes in the new TD update!

No firmware update today, just the D15 documentation document.

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ok thanks, any release date yet?

1.0.12 has some nice stuff for us :slight_smile:

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If there was a release date, we would put it on the website. It will be released when it is ready and tested.

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Looking forward to this release. Just read the notes and I think Mika must have been working 23 hours per day :joy:


Documentation is now released here:


Yesss baby!!!

One less USB


handbrake and pedals on SC2 pro D-sub 15 pin


is it possible to connect a pressure transducer with 4 wires (5V, V-,V+,GND )directly to the D15 port?

Not at this point in time. But you can use a load-cell amp (similar to the ones Bodnar sell) to convert the output to an acceptable analog signal, which can be fed into the SC2 15-pin port …