Simucube 1 vs simucube 2


Thanks for your very detailed response @Mika , I really appreciate it!

About the open source firmware (development)

I don’t know if there would have been more interest in the open source repository if it would have been kept up to date. But I can image more people where waiting before the Github open source repository was updated. I read about various bug fixes and problems on the forum. That made me decide not to start working on the old (probably 0.10.4) version on Github. Often 0.x releases are releases that might see big architecture or API changes before the first 1.0 release. I also did not want to miss out on all the fixes between 0.10.4 and 0.11.2 just to add some functionality.

But if I understand you correctly. I should have made my changes to the old Github release and then contact you to include it in a new binary release? I do have some experience on working with open source project, but that’s usually all through a git(hub) repository. I guess I’m just not used to this way of working on an open source project. Perhaps you could add a note on this to the Github README.

About the new settings management, hardware abstraction layer for SC1/SC2 and not being happy with some things in the code base.

I guess the SC1/SC2 thing could be a valid reason for not releasing. But in any case 11 months is quite a long time to not update the repository, there could have been ways to work around this I guess. About the code not always being in a desirable state. For me personally I rather see updates which are not perfect then no updates at all. You could for example use a develop branch for this purpose.

About the various open and closed source software parts.

I have read a little on the wireless wheel functionality and I saw some images of the IC’s you are going to use. Do you also mean the way the BLE IC communicates with the base will not be documented. In other words I would not be able to build a wireless wheel which can communicate with the base using the IC you use or another compatible IC? That would be shame I think. I can off course make something else wireless myself and then use another box which feeds into the RJ45 connectors. But that would be an unnecessary waste of hardware, the SimuCUBE has all the capabilities to do this and I would like to connect most of my equipment directly to the SimuCUBE.

Also, is the SimuCUBE-configurator ( the repository of the configuration tool? Will this eventually become open source as well. I guess many features/improvements to the firmware need a way to be controlled from the configuration UI as well?

About the IP. I find it hard to judge if its really necessary to be that protective on the software side. I guess a lot of your customers buy into the brand, the people behind it, your expertise, way of communicating and so on. In a perfect world many brands would work together on an open (direct drive) force feedback platform, but I guess there is a good chance this will not happen in the foreseeable future. Also, I’m by far not an expert on this topic, more an idealist I guess. So take all of the above not too serious.

I will still keep an eye on the SimuCUBE firmware repository to see when an up to date release will be pushed. But I will also not hold back if I find some time to implement some ideas/features that I have in mind.


Both the wheel-side IC and the Simucube-side receiver IC modules have our own closed-source code running on them, and they are programmed at the factory. It is a closed system. However, it is implemented in such a way, that we can add features to it later. But the whole system was built to make it super easy for wheel builders to facilitate it, i.e. FCC certification, well-tested code, cryptographic key for configuring, etc. These are almost in direct conflict to any open / DIY wireless systems.

Yes, that was supposed to be the repository, BUT we decided to keep it totally closed source, as there was already enough support requests where users used outdated Configuration Tools, etc. We are very limited on support resources, therefore we want to have the user experience consistant and something we can control.

We would develop all required UI’s for any new features, that has been promised also before.


If it doesn’t come loose for you we should be


Yep, if in doubt, you can use spring-washers in conjunction with flat-washers on the back-side of the bolt.

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If it doesn’t come lose with the motors you’ve used I think we are safe.:grin:


Any chance of fixing the requirement to untick FFB and re tick FFB in iRacing?


This is a USB bandwidth-issue, when used in conjunction with certain VR headsets. Switching your DD wheel on/off is one option, the other is to untick/tick the ffb in iRacing, the last option is to first launch steam before starting an iRacing session…


Dual PSU for Pro model is the chosen solution because largest high quality power brick that we have found so far is 280W, and to guarantee full 25 Nm torq without clipping even under rapid wheel speed, we need at least 450W.

We have tried various higher power PSU bricks from 3 different manufacturer but none of them passed our quality criteria.

On Ultimate, we need 1 kW to make outperform every other imaginable setup, and there we decided to build custom single PSU. That PSU is not cheap to make, but only the best choice was good enough for Ultimate.



Thanx Tero, good answer :slight_smile:


Do all 3 versions come with complete quick release, base and wheel side?

Good to see that not as many people still have their hair on fire on the forums! :slight_smile:


@SKeijmel post. Given that the settings may not be totally directly comparable… But yes I do understand what you are saying with the Signal Noise however because of the Signal noise variability there is some “feedback” that can be perceived from the noise but yes it is definitely not accurate. To each their own a bit on settings as there is such a wide range you can get from Super smooth with upwards of Recon 8 to active Recon 1… Generally I suggest 5 or above for the SC1 though the Small is a little more active so the higher side might be better to calm it… I am currently running 7 with my Large Mige because it is fairly similar to 5 in activity BUT it actually feels to have a little better return to center speed. The One thing to know with the Recon on the SC1 is that it is NOT linear, each setting is technically completely different with 5 being the only one truly based on a certain Frequency… Above and below that are different aggression levels for the filters differing aspects… So I suggest to find a baseline for the D/F/ filters and then try each of the filters to see which one is best for you and then once you find the feel in the Recon then fine tune the D/F/I to what feels best for you.


We will see 1.0 and we will probably see a few .11’s maybe even .12 before it probably… The Point at which SC1 development will stop is the point where the filtering processes become too intensive for the SC1’s processors… I am sure we will also see bug fixes and compatibility fixes as well if any should pop up. Though yes at some point development on the SC1 will slow immensely or even stop.


Each Sim title has its own way of handling effects. iRacing uses the car model, Tire Model, and Track Model to produce all feedback, the do not enhance effects for effects sake… So that being said if iRacing has their models right it would be the most true effects… That being said iRacing does have a very good model yet some things are off… For the most part what you feel out of iRacing is true to what you would feel in real life. In reality there is not a whole heck of a lot of sharp detail that comes through the wheel in real life, especially with power steering doing cars. Most of the information you feel comes through the chassis of the car, tires and suspension… That means that unless you have motion you are trying to feel things through the wheel that normally are not present through the wheel… That does not mean wanting some of that is bad in any way but having it is not actually realistic. Each game developer takes their own view on how many “canned” effects to add to the feedback to send these chassis sensations through the wheel. iRacing happens to just not do that and in turn the steering can feel dull to some.


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Thanks Tero, Mika already explained the situation on the other board. All is understood, budget constraints and everything. Hope you can rectify that in SC 2.5 or can offer optional custom PSU as this certainly uglifies otherwise very nice and sleek design.


LOL Been here But for some reason I don’t get update mails that often from this forum so I forget to check back here at times…


Unfortunately you are right, the FFB in iRacing has the least detail of any other sim I’ve tried. While it might be more realistic compared to RL (except the harshness/ ridiculous spikes of hitting walls or some curbs) it is really lacking in details. Most of the time it’s just a constant force and even curbs are not passed through.
That’s also the reason that I wonder why iRacing seems to have the biggest community-talk about such high-end devices while it gives by far the least amount of return to our investment.

@Mika can you maybe tell us (hopefully tease us) something about the difference in feel between SC1 and SC2 in iRacing? Or will we be stuck with a somewhat similar feel until the devs update their FFB physics?


You see, I just can’t agree with this statement. I run a big, naturally dampened servo, with settings as follows:

Recon = 5
Damping = 5.5
Friction = 1.5
Inertia = 1.5

With them as is, I feel a lot of good ffb detail in iRacing, curbs, rumble-strips, road-surface, et al. So honestly, I am not sure where you are going wrong…



And this is without running irFFB? I have a large Mige (so probably a bit smaller then what you are currently running) and so far all my experiments have resulted in the same bland feeling which might be intentional as Brion mentioned. I do admit not running damping up to 5.5 so I’ll try that too. Otherwise I’ve done a lot of recon filter combinations with other settings. However, so far I’ve only heard people telling me that it’s on my end, and no one who agrees that other sims (AC and especially rf2) have far better FFB. I’d like to know if people also disagree with that statement but this is not the place for such a discussion. I’ll take this to the iRacing topic if I can’t figure it out.

Thanks for your settings!