Simucube 1, Problem stays turned to the right

Hello, yesterday afternoon the simucube 1 steering wheel, I stayed turned to the right about 10 degrees, I updated and there is no way, it remains as is, someone could tell me why it is due.

Thank you

you updated to 1.0.30 ?

did you try redoing the Configure Motor, Encoder and Center point wizard ?

Do what Loukas said. :smile:

I do not know how to do that.

yes, upgrade to 1.0.30

in simucube tool navigate to hardware tab and press “Configure motor , encoder and center point” and follow the instructions.

Hi I still have the same problem

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There was a mention in 1.0.24 : * If there were troubles with center point, please save settings to flash at least once in this firmware version, and then it should work correctly after a power cycle.

Does clicking on the recet center wheel button (overview tab) fix it atleast temporarily ?

temporarily only in simucube software.
When I go to calibrate inside a sim, it is already about 7 degrees to the right. I do not understand anything.
Now I have put version 1.0.24

Is it normal that I have firmware version 1.0.30 and the tool configuration at 1.0.24?

just keep using 1.0.30 and wait for a dev to help you out.

OK, thank you very much for everything.


Maybe the shaft clamp is slipping? We haven’t come up with any other bug reports regarding centering in the last month.

Hello, I don’t know exactly what you mean. I have disassembled the simucube from behind, the encoder part, and it looks well adjusted without movement. I don’t know if you mean that

I have the same problem. Always -1.3 degrees off. Have to recalibrate almost every day.

and your firmware version is…?


30NM Mige
HW rev1 r004

what about indexing mode; are you using absolute indexing?

Under Hardware Setup it says Indexing mode: Absolute encoder.

Hello, thanks for the answer.
I imagine you mean the, configure motor, encoder and center point.
If that’s what I have already done, it seems that everything is perfect, but the steering wheel when I enter the sims, it does not work correctly, in rFactor 2, I can more or less with the centering on configuration, but for example in AMS2, it is impossible.