Simucube 1 looses center position during game

Hello there,

My setup is:
Simucube 1 (Revision 1 r004)
Ioni pro hc
Heindhein SinCos encoder
Small Mige

Using 1.0.30 firmware
10718 ioni firmware

Encoder counts: 3686400

My problem is that after starting to drive in Iracing, wheel starts to loose it’s center. I am not speaking about hitting a wall etc. even from the bumbs on the road surface, wheel looses center position. It gets back to normal once I set it again from the simucube software.

I have tried with AC Competizione and after a crash wheel was once again off the center. It does not come back to normal unless I got to Simucube software and re center it.

I am talking about something like -3,5 to -4,5 degrees.
If I am driving in Sebring it goes completely nuts. Very big off center issues. (Almost like 45 degrees)

When I turn off the simucube and re open it everything seems to be correct. I don’t have to reset the center.

Any ideas?

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My problem is a little different. I don’t have to open Simucube software every time I open my computer. I have no issues there.

Then I start racing and wheel starts to loose it’s center. If it’s I racing, even the bumps on the road is causing wheel to loose it’s center. If it’s another game I need to hit somewhere for this to happen. But in anycase it’s happening while playing. Don’t get me wrong I am not speaking about having an accident in Iracing that will cause wheel to not center (like it should, that would be normal and usualy becomes ok after pit repairs).

Maybe the encoder bolt is not tight enough.

If the FFB stays smooth with, for example, a light desktop centering spring, then it is the shaft adapter that attaches your steering wheel/QR in our servo shaft that is slipping.

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I removed one post from @Dennis_Karlsson from this thread, that issue was nothing releated to the OP’s issue.

Hello Mika,

Thank you for the answer. I will check it.
Interesting I have been using the setup for many years now, never had to touch shaft adapter. But it makes sense. I will inform about the result.

Which Heidenhain SinCos encoder do you have and where did it come from… If it was one of the ones that I sold through Penguin r/c (ERN-1080) please contact me through there is an issue that another owner has just recently had that could be the issue that you could be having as well.

Yes, must likely the split-bush /shaft-clamp that came loose. Tightening the bolts on that one will get you squared away.


I got it from Simtronix back then. But it’s probably the same product.

I will try as soon as possible and write back. Thank you.

No it is actually slightly different and I did look back at my old records and I did help get you sorted with the .drc… but yes the Heidenhain that you have I belive is an ERN630 I can’t remember the name exactly but one thing to check if you are having centering issues is to make sure the attachment point of the Encoder input is secure to the Motor Rotor… This is where we have had some issues recently as over time it has become loose causing a situation where the motor shaft isn’t turning the encoder input 1:1…

Restarting the SC1 if you are using Automatic indexing will change it so that it center is correct at startup so it masks the issue. So this is one area to check and make sure that it is secure.

Thanx a lot Bsohn, yes I am using the .drc file you have send. That helped a lot back then. Thank you again.
Actualy I did not have time to test but I have checked the bolts on clamp and they look super rigid. I will check encoder side.

Thank you very much.

same isuse in iracing. lose 5-6 degress. wheel is ok in iracing just in simucube ui is off

So I tried to take out the encoder today and ruined the small trox screw that holds the shaft. I wont be able to open it again. I don’t know what I will do if I have to change encoder for any reason.

So I put everything back togather and started simucube software and give it a good strong desktop centering. Wheel holds the center position even if I give it a strong push.

Then I have opened the I racing and center position was once again a problem.

I don’t know if it has anything to do with that but then I have lowered the Center Frequency Hz from 8,5 to 7 and did few laps around sebring. I even hit walls etc. to test. Wheel seems to hold it’s center position. Does it make any sense to you guys?

Yes I can confirm. I did a whole race. Set the force very high, I crashed and everything and wheel seems to be normal. :slight_smile:

Changing the Center Frequency Hz. solved the problem. I would realy appreciate if some one can explain.

Thank you.

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Sorry Guys false alarm, today I finaly saw with my eyes that the clamp is the problem.
It’s interesting not to have any problems yesterday though…

Yes, I have suspected this was the problem all along, as it usually is. The encoders are normally tapered /conical, and it takes a fair bit to get them to come loose, it has happened of course, but mostly where people have swapped their own encoders and haven’t fastened them proper.

I’ve never seen one come loose after factory-fitted…

So it mostly always is the shaft-adapter, that’s always the first thing to check.


Hi Beano,

I am glad that the main issue is solved. Thank you very much.

However what I am going through right now is, when I open the simucube, it does the initializing normaly then after the beep sounds, wheel suddenly makes about a 90 degree left and holds it’s position like that with great force. I have to re center the wheel manualy. Then all is ok until next restart.

Any suggestions?

in my case was not clamp becouse it is using my kid with 22 percent force. Re flashed fw and everything sorted

Hey Brion,

My encoder is ERN 480. I assume the .drc file you have send me is perfectly compatible with it.
So I should not look it as somehow relaited to my problems right?

Thank you.