Simucube 1 firmware 1.0.30/1.0.30

Where do i find the firmware for 1.0.30 or is it not out yet, hanging out to not have to re-center the wheel on startup.

Found the answer just have to wait.

The first attempt at fixing the centering didn’t result in a working fix, so back to drawing board on that one.


I would be more than happy to see this fixed, too, finally. It is more than annoying to say the least.

There is a task set in our work plan for this. We know how to fix it now after the first attempt was not perfect.

Thanks Mika, is problem connected with the use of the 3.6 Simtronix (Heidenhain) SinCOS encoder? or is it just random.

Its connected with use of any non-absolute encoder.