Simtronix SinCos Encoder with Small Mige and SimuCube

I have finaly installed the sin-cos encoder this weekend.
I don’t know how sometimes it’s said difference is small.
It has changed the small mige completely into something else.
I am soooo satisfied with the result.
Much more detail and refinement. It’s still a beast but feels like an educated beast now :slight_smile:
The whole experience has now become how I have always wanted it to be.
And I have not even pushed the thing to it’s limits. I am using it with 1 mil. CPR. setting.
Great upgrade. I recommend it to anyone that thinks about it. I truly feel like I don’t need any more upgrades on the system.


Great news so far from your side, bad news are that SinCos are not longer available, I also tried to order a SinCos Encoder 11 minutes after I got email about a few encoders in stock, almost too late. All kits have been already sold lol.

Hey Tolga, thanks for the update! I do have a couple questions when you get a chance:
Which encoder did you upgrade from?
When you use a high TBW does the mige still get a grainy/sandy sound/feel or is that gone or reduced with the SinCos?

P.S. Congrats on the upgrade :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: my friend!!

Is it simply a case of just swapping out the encoders or is it glued on like the Lenze?

Yep, just use the center bolt as a puller and install the new encoder, no glue!
Davy has a good video of the removal and install on his website.

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Be interesting to get feedback from any SinCos owners with the Large MiGE

It is very good, on racing in the Highend steering wheel thread I created I ranked the Large and Small Mige servos with the 40K and SinCos in my mind … Yes I have run them all… though now I am on my 5000line SinCos on the Large Mige.

this was my determination of feel:

10 - Large Mige - 3600+ line SinCos full Interpolation (3.6 million points+)
9 - Large Mige - 3600+ line SinCos 64x or 1024 line full Interpolation (approx 1 million points)
7 - Small Mige - 3600+ line SinCos full Interpolation (3.6 million points+)
6 - Small Mige - 3600+ line SinCos 64x or 1024 line full Interpolation (approx 1 million points)
5 - Large Mige - 40K Incremental
1 - Small Mige - 40K Incremental

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Hi John,

I have upgraded from a 10.000PPR (40.000 CPR) encoder.
If you go beyond 680TBW you get a bit sandy sound but that is an issue with the IONI as far as I know. But I must say that sandy feeling is better then the original encoder.
No issues with 680 and less.
I currently use it with 680TBW, but I can increase it no problem for me and the best thing is, I can bring down the overall filter to low values (even close it totaly). No issues.

Upgrade is very very easy. I did not even had to get out of my cocpit.
And yes there is no glue on Mige.

Once again I totaly recommend this upgrade to anyone that has the means to do it.
It’s the biggest change I felt in my system since the day I builded it.


Hello guys, I think my ERN 1080 could be a fault one and would like to check.
connected to the simucube but I have no signal in the configuration tool (no wheel rotation).
It is nearly impossible I made a wrong wiring so I think it is not working (I bought a used one).

I switched back to the 10000ppr to test if everything else was fine.
Is it normal that I see the rotation of this encoder even if is still selected the sincos encoder 256x in Granity??

ps only for info. the grinding/sand noise from small mige (when tbw higher then 680) still come when I rotate only the encoder with the motor shaft disconnected. I was surprised!

Thanks Tolga and Brian, much appreciate your input, I now know what needs to be done :money_with_wings: !! Good to know it will be worth it though.

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Recheck all your wiring to make sure that everything is in the correct place and connected… The wires on the ERN1080 are very small… I was putting together one and it broke the C+ wire and it took a little bit to track down… The best place to check configuration and working is inside Granity as you can verify a and b channel +/- reading and as well rotation and that you have all the correct settings…

thanks for the suggestion.
Could you please detail how tu use the tuning tab to check A anb B channel/wire and rotation?
I read the wiki but I did not figure how to.

I cutted the cable and made soldering again.
In the testing tab all ENC A, ENC B, ENC C, ENC D, Hall U, Hall V… velocity feedback, position feedback are completely stuck. It is like the encoder is dead.

The halls would be stuck as they are not used with the heidenhain… If you can please take some photos of your plug the side where soldered and put it up as I just want to check that you haven’t counted the pins backwards of what they should be as of course that would put the wires in the wrong places and not even power up the unit … and everything would appear stuck.

Here is the actual soldering scheme (followed numbers on the connector).

I had the same doubt so yesterday even tried mirrored soldering but same result, all stuck when rotating the encoder.

Hmm yea that looks right… and though it is hard to see I don’t see any areas where it could be shorting… You might want to google how to verify that the encoder is working (unfortunately I don’t know how to test that) as I am sure with a multimeter there would be ways to determine if current is passing…

Brion Sohn

Out 10th of November be interesting to see how it compares to the Simtronix version its cheaper for ppl in the UK as well. 160 including delivery :slight_smile:

Good find by @Simon_Jones :slight_smile:

That’s less than half the price of the simtronix one once I’ve paid the import duty, oh the price of early adoption lol :frowning:

Its a doubling in price from 2 mil to 3 mil CPR.

Does anyone know what brand this is?