Simtronix SinCos Encoder with Small Mige and SimuCube

I asked the same question and answer seems to be “Yes” if you have the means to do so.

Ok. I bought one for 200€. I will let you know about.

Thank you


Hi, I would like you to tell your experiences with the highest resolution encoders, I am interested in buying a sincos, I want to know if it is worth the result. Greetings to all.:wink:

Hello Phoenix,

I will install it tomorrow and I will let you know :wink:

ill be installing mine tomorrow as well.

thanks vincenzoslim, I look forward to hearing from you:wink:
I hope it will be a pleasant experience for you.

So will there be one for the Lenze? :wink:

What Berniyh said :slight_smile:

Hi, guys.

Regarding a Lenze option, I’ve been informed the stock encoder is adhered to the shaft with adhesive and difficult to remove without destroying the encoder. As the upgrade process would not be user friendly, I’m not sure if it’s worth my effort to develop a solution for Lenze servos.

However, the encoder shaft on the Lenze would be easily adaptable to the AKM BiSS encoder, so if you know a machinist they could machine an appropriate shaft adapter and mounting adapter for you.

guys I have a question.

I have to mount my new ERN 1080 on the small Mige so I have to create the adapter to fit it. One of the reason is to adapt the 8mm mige shaft with the 6mm hole of the encoder.

To do this I have to remove the 10000 encoder (to better see how the shafter is) and then mount it back till the adpter is ready (beacuse I do not want to stop racing this week).

The question is, when I will mount back the mige 10k encoder will I just need to recenter the wheel through software (because the encoder and mige shaft will match in different position)?
I want to esclude I will need to unmount the quickrelease/shaft adapter for phasing motor correctly (for example) or something related.

I have received my encoder today. I don’t know when I will find the time to install it but I will sure share my experiences.

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Yes, if the encoder will not install in the exactly the same orientation (which is very, very likely to happen), you will have to re-set index point (in MMOS) or just run the wizard again (in SimuCUBE firmware).

thank you Mika. So no need to remove the wheel hub (steering wheel) and install it in different orientation in any case?

(I’m on Simucube firmware)

thanks again

You don’t need to remove wheel hub. You can and should use the software to set the center point again.

ok. I was asking because I remember (when first installing) that the wheel should be oriented in a way that the motor passed the index point on first oscillation when powered on.
I did not know if it was required by motor or encoder.

Yep, “wheel passes the index point during phasing” was the recommended way using MMOS, so the wheel would be immediately usable after phasing.

Using SimuCUBE firmware, this does not matter, as the index point is NOT being read by the firmware during phasing, and thus if index point -based indexing is used by the user, then wheel absolutely must be turned past that point anyway.

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Has anyone installed and used one of these Simtronix SinCos Encoders yet with a small Mige? Just wondering if you’re loving it and if it’s worth the outlay, I guess new inventory is on the way :grin:

Would love to hear from ya, thanks!

Only if I can find some free time from my 2 year old :slight_smile:

I have much work to do with my rig. Installing the Simtronix encoder is one of them.
Where was all these wonders, when I was a single man, racing with a Fanatec Porsche wheel?


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Thanks for the reply and oh yeah, understand that, where to find the time :slight_smile: I’m currently running an Oillie system, mmos, 5k ppr at the moment. I have received the SimuCube board and a new power supply but have yet to assemble it…

But definitely loving the OSW for now! Really just wondering if the upgrade will help with the smoothness/notchiness on the small mige.

I did end up finding some good information, if anyone was wondering here:

Have a read through post #9 by “signman”

He has a lot of good info about using a SinCos encoder with a small Mige.

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