Simtronix SinCos Encoder with Small Mige and SimuCube

I have a question regarding Simtronix - SinCos endcoder for Mige motors.

Here is the link for the product:

My hardware configuration:
Simucube + Ioni Pro HC + SDR 480 PSU
Small Mige motor + 10.000PPR (40.000CPR) Mige Encoder
I am using MMOS for the time being.

Now this new encoder in the link is said to be 3,7 million CPR.
Did anyone used this encoder? Do you know anything about this?
40.000 CPR and 3,7 Millon CPR seems like lightyears a drift.
Can some one check the link and let me know if there are any limitations for SimuCube or IONI PRO Hc to use this endcoder? And will it realy increase my resolution 92,5 times more?
Am I missing something here?

Sounds like heaven to me.

I would appreciate your help guys.

Thank you.


It will increase the resolution. You can’t use that encoder with MMos, but it is supported in the new firmware.

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So would you recommend this purchase?

How long do you think we will be waiting before we start using the new FW?

I want to implement basic button reading and profile management. I can start them this week, hopefully even get a beta out for the weekend. The end of the month for the public release is very likely.

Best news I heard for a very long time Mika.
You guys Rock!!! So I guess it’s ok to order the sin/cos encoder.

@Tolga: Davy has specifically developed this kit for use with the MiGe and Simucube with open-source fw. There will not be any incompatibilities.


Hello Beano,

I have ordered my piece yesterday. The excitement I feel is the same when I joined the indiegogo campaign for my SimuCube.

Expectations are big, but so are the numbers :smile:


Ha, you will be pleasantly surprised :slight_smile:

:star_struck: Oooh yeeaaaah! That’s what I needed to hear :slight_smile:

I will surely share my experience once I have everything up and running.

Thank you very much.

Cheers bud - a nice time awaiting you :slight_smile:

So as an update to the subject:

Due to limitations of Simple Motion interface, it seems like we won’t be able to stay stable with resolutions above 2.1 million CPR.

With this said, IONI can handle 16x, 64x and 256x interpolation.

And since the above mentioned encoder has 3600 lines and it’s a quadrature encoder, resolutions can be:

3600x4x16: 230.400 CPR
3600x4x64: 921.600 CPR
3600x4x256: 3.7 million CPR

Now since Mika says going over 2.1 million CPR is not recommended and will not be officialy supported,
Maximum resolution we will be getting from this encoder in a stable sense is 921.600 CPR. Still very good but far from the advertised 3.7 million CPR.

You can get a higher resolution with an encoder that has 2.048 lines becuse this way you can use 256X interpolation, rather then 64X and reach the supported 2.1 million CPR limit.

Yes, what I mentioned elsewhere too.

You are still getting the 3.7M CPR if you want, we just won’t be fixing the issue that might happen. I think Beano has not had it happen at all…

Well these are all numbers. In the end I am not sure if we will be able to feel a real difference between a 500.000 CPR and 4.000.000.

I can feel the difference between 20.000 and 40.000. But I am not sure if everybody felt it the way I felt it.

Still people should know that they may not be using the full potential of their purchase.
Since I brought this up in the forum, I felt like it would be the right thing to mention this too.

And buying a cheaper encoder with less lines, may end up in getting a higher final stable resolution.

this has been my experience. i am running 22 bit, 4194304 CPR and have not experienced any issues.
and yes, i have crashed a few times ; )

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These are very encouraging to hear. :slight_smile:

My encoder is on the way. Looking forward to testing it in highest settings.

Still it would be nice if we could have a 128X interpolation option for IONI.

I use this section, hope it is good.

The new firmware will be open beta probably today and I’m curious to try differences between a 40000cpr encoder and a higher resolution one.

I can take a ERN 1080 2500 for around 230€ (that I will be able to use, if correct, at 2500x4x64=640k and at 2500x4x256=2560k that should be little over what is officially supported).

For those of you who tried higher resolution encoder, do you think they worth this price?

I have small mige (but I could even switch to big one because I have 720watt psu and ioni pro hc).

Thank you

Well since the maximum CPR value is generated via interpolation they say it’s better to take the high line count encoder and use less interpolation if possible.
Because interpolation does not mean the most accurate result, but line count is.

thank you Tolga.

Let’s think about the worst case for this encoder, so using it at 640k cpr (lower interpolation).

What I would like to know from who tested high resolution encoder is: Would you spend this 230€ to put this encoder on you small Mige?