Simicube ffb signal reversed helpp!

My ffb signal is inverted and turns left when I turn it to the right in iracing help me

i have simicube 2 pro

I never had that happen, have you tried recalibrating your wheel?

Everything is normal in true drive software but iracing detects reverse

For all types of cars in Iracing works wrong?

That it just very strange indeed. Can you show the app.ini [force feedback] section contents?

appini.txt (29.6 KB)

please help me this situation

Does the FFB work correctly in other games?

no no work correctly in the othe gamews

no no? I can’t understand your answer.

its not work correctly in the other games

its problem every game

When you calibrate the wheel in game, try and turn the wheel opposite of what it asks when it asks you to turn it 90 degrees.

This might fix your issue no matter if you read left/right wrong or there is somewhere the ffb values are inverted.

Might be worth trying to reset the controller from within the Windows settings?

Calibrate Controller in Windows 10

What if you enable the desktop centering spring (with light force!)? Does it center into center there?

ı have problem in iracing ı checked in game controller its ok i turned right its turned right its no problem in winows axis bu ı have problem in iracing help

its solved its okayyy

Haha,okayyyyy, what was wrong?

When this happens in iRacing, it’s because you don’t read which way you have to turn the wheel, AFTER you have done the first part of turning the wheel all the way to one side, then all the way to the other side, and return to the center position, and last, the most important part, turn the wheel to the LEFT 90 degree, and push done.

Some people don’t read, and turn it 90 degree to the right, I’m quite confident that this is what happened here. :wink: