Simcube Pedal price

I just saw the prices for the new pedals:
1 for Euro 2’398 a single one…
2 for Euro 4’329 throttle, brake
3 for Euro 6’246 full set

Really true: simracing won’t be the same…


“travel in absurdi” as we say in France !

totally disconnected from ordinary gamers


It says that this is the last pedal we will ever need, for me this is certainly the pedal I will never need!
As good as it is it’s certainly not in my budget, I know now what I’m going to do with my money, it’s a shame I’ll never get to know this pedal.

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LOL, one pedal is more than my whole rig with HE pedals and SC2 Pro.
Should be next on my list after gold toilet.


I’m dumbfounded, Simucube. My SC2 Pro cost less than a single pedal. You’re telling me that there’s more tech and manufacturing cost in a single pedal than a whole SC2 Pro?!?

I actually find this insulting. Don’t market this to the community when 99.9% of us can’t afford it.


Yes. There is actually rather much more manufacturing cost in a single pedal than in the whole Simucube 2 Pro. The related cost of making it may not be obvious to the naked eye and also confusing if one has in the mind the price point of a passive pedal.

The difference is similiar in terms of price and manufacrturing costs if yesterday high-end wheel bases would be passive and basically spring loaded. In this product, the spring would be the device creating “force feedback” to the wheelbase as opposed to today’s servo motor, the manufacturing cost difference between the yesterday and today products would be noticeable.

Still people buy 1-2k wheels or 1k+ rigs?
But I’m not saying I wouldn’t have liked to see slightly more affordable pricing though. But then I’m very happy with my current pedals anyway. So they couldn’t have been so cheap that I would have upgraded anyway.

F1 teams will need to ask for budged increase again :slight_smile:

There are motion systems well exceeding 20K and still there are some people buying them…So for sure these people will buy this product too. Where money is not an issue off course this will make sense… It’s nice for Simucube to be the 1st in the market with such a product, kudos. But will it make enough sales to break even the R&D costs or even bring revenue? At the same time it seems that Simucube missed the opportunity all this time to invest in developing True Drive for their signature product and other competitors caught up, so they are losing market share and will continue to lose more.

Certainly this product is not for the masses and simple simracers. Hell, all of us here own an SC (we cannot be more than 1% of the simracers) and most of us (if not all) cannot stomach this pricing or are not willing to spend this money. Well good luck to Simucube with this new product…hope it will be worth it.


they won’t be compatible with Forza horizon 5…they are not for gaming, but for the professional teams.
For gaming I will go with Thrustmaster, it’s compatible with all the games.
I sell my heusinkveld pedals and sc2 pro and aschers wheel, I go back to the fun and thrustmaster, and Forza Horizon and WRC and Dirt rally, f1 2022…


Typically companies, at least succesful ones choose the opportunities that bring the biggest rewards for the company and its customers. Whether time time spent on improving Truedrive only would have been better opportunity, only time will tell. However, are you aware that certain portions of these software development fruits are going to be implemented to the signature product aswell?

I don’t know that how many million active users there would need to be in the world for this opinion / assumption to be true, but to how to say, whether relevant or not, check how many search results via for example Google you can find with Simucube (or Granite Devices) and compare those results to some other vendors from the market that make equipment for simracing with similar price point or at least 500€+.(and that are not bulti billion dollar companies such as Logitech).

What comes to actual sales, last month seems to be the biggest sales month in our simulator equipment history ever. It is for sure possible that there was a surge in demand and everybody else grew more than we did. However it could also be because Simucube is at least in my understanding known for certain characteristics such as product reliability, class leading if not the best product performance, respectable company values, good product presales and after sales support so that big portion of simracing customers continuously choose our products.

What is also different with our sales at least for the time being, that majority of the sales come from the wheelbase sales. That is contrary to the other vendors where their sales are distributed with several different products. Now there is nothing wrong with that, but just to brighten / clarify the reality, that the share of users that use our wheelbases from the active simracers isn’t that small anymore. The notion of 1% may have been true around 2017 or so. Also what you probably can see is that people don’t want to sell their Simucube made equipment. The second hand market for our products is rather small that I am aware of. The previous isn’t because we have not have customers over the years but because our customers don’t want to get rid of the equipment we have produced, they want to use it and continue to use it.

In our point of view, the reality that customers do not want to sell their Simucube products but to use them also fit well to our company values. This is because it is in our thinking the better way of making business and products that our equipment does not go to recycling or be in continuous search for new owner for the product, which also consumes natural resource of this planet.


You don’t have a golden toilet? I thought it’s standard everywhere… never saw a company offering a single pedal, never saw a company building a 6 kilo pedal neither…
My preferred car classes don’t have ABS, so this is nothing I miss. While driving in the real car I today paid attention to what details are coming from them. I’m not sure what the Simcube pedals will provide as information, and if it is THIS helpful. Sim products should help to be faster, and to last. I doubt the benefits will justify the cost of the pedals. It’s really beyond everything I expected

This is not a step back, it’s a journey to below 0, Tony. If you prefer arcade, which is ok, you might haven’t done a proper product research. There is a list of games not compatible with a Simucube. Again, this is because game devs decided it this way, and not Simucube/Granite. You can’t blame them. You won’t hear “No, don’t leave, we all will die if you do so”, or “poor baby, we will of course immediately activate all diplomatic channels to solve this international crisis”.
Take it like a man

it’s just that my old ts pc racer from Thrustmaster is compatible with every games, and with WRC Generations I was suprised when I have re-installed it, but it has a far better FFB, many effects are missing with the SC2…I remember and old post where I’ve said the opposite…
I search a wheel base compatible with all the games, I have a new project (youtube sponsored channel for gaming…) and I can’t miss big game like Forza Horizon 5, WRC Generations, and I can’t have 2 wheel bases, it’s too difficult.
So it’s not a step back, it’s a new step for my new project, and I think the new T818 from thrustmaster checks all my boxes.
The Direct Drive itechnology is very popular now, last 2 years we had only Fanatec, Accuforce or Simucube, now every brands has a DD wheel base, and the two major brands, Thrustmaster and Logitech have now a DD wheel base.
And with the new 4k 48" OLED 144hz gsync monitor, even with Dirt 5, I have made a big “woow”, bigger than with my SC2 in rFactor2…
So for me project I need a wheel base which checks all my boxes (DD, good customer service, and compatible with every games)

At these prices, it’s obviously not made for regular simracers

If I had to guess I’d say it’s targeted to $10k+ invested enthusiast simracers, esports drivers, or professionals and there’s likely a high profit margin in those categories

If we’re lucky, it’ll do well enough at that level that prices will come down and we might be able to afford a set one day.

SimXperience remarked more than once they find rich customers much easier to please and there’s that higher profit margin to boot. I imagine that’s part of it.


If you missed they also have Formula wheel now. Check out that enthusiastic presentation by Simucube rep on SimExpo from today. Starts at 2:15:50

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Then, of course, I wish you all the best! This is an opportunity you can’t miss, immho.
You shouldn’t have any problems to sell the Simucube. This will finance the DD of your choice and will give you a new, clean starting point, a point you are confident in. Sure exciting times, don’t waste precious time and go your way. If it is good for you, this is the one that counts

Back on the topic, pedal arm can be better at that price point.

Yeah, pedal travel/function can be customized endlessly but the pedal arm not, and it leaves to improvements or revisions.

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He’s not the only one who’s stepped back. I have too.

The problem with the Simucube setup is that it only feels good in very few titles. The TS-PC, while not as good as the SC2 Pro in those titles, is way more consistent across all titles and also works in those that are simply not compatible with the Simucube.

While i’ve enjoyed my time with the SC2 Pro, all in all I feel it’s been an expensive mistake. The bright side of that is that I have no lust for these new pedals.


Obviously the price is well out of range for the average sim racer but this product is aimed at the average sim racer. For those moaning about the price, do you also moan at Ferrari when they release a car that’s out of your budget too?

I’d love to try these pedals but accept I’m not the target buyer just as I’m not the target buyer of a Ferrari.