Simcube 2 Wheel Recommendation

I am thinking about grabbing a Simcube 2 to replace my TM 300 wheel and the only thing holding me back right now is the steering wheel.

Can anyone recommend a wheel that would work well with GT3 cars along with the Skippy?


Have a browse through this thread where you’ll find may of the rims that the users here are using.

you can convert some of the Thrustmaster wheels with this kit if you want, just make sure it’s compatible.

Is wire, but is a good wheel a good price

Would I be able to simply connect a wheel, without paddle shifters or a button box, to the Simcube 2? I have yet to feel the need to have buttons on the wheel for the style of racing I am involved in. By using a wheel only, I could get up and running and figure out exactly what wheel/button box combo I would need later.


Yes you can. Just attach the wheel side qr adapter to the wheel and then the wheel to the base.

Thank you for the information…

I’ve been waiting over three months for my back-ordered Ascher Racing F64 so had to find something else to use in the meantime. Just didn’t realise how long I’d need the stand-in…

I own a couple of kit cars (a Caterham 7 - since sold - and a Westfield) with real-life QR wheels. I pinched the rim from the Westfield to start with and used my Thrustmaster TH8A gearstick to change gear - with an external button box for any additional functions.

This worked quite well - but the Westfield rim (I can never remember the brand - Racetech, I think) is a bit flexy and I needed it back in the car for its MOT anyway… It also obscured my Bodnar shift lights as it was a full rim…

I managed to pick up an open-top OMP ‘Indy’ rim from eBay at an almost-too-good-to-be-true price (figuring that for sim use, even a fake would be ok) - and it turned out to be genuine. It is super-rigid and although i’m still looking forward to eventually getting my F64, I’m getting on fine with zero wheel buttons, a conventional sequential lever and the button box for auxiliary functions…

The rims (Westfield and OMP) are bolted direct to the SC2 ‘QR’ adapter supplied with the base.

I have decided to go with the Turn R20 wheel for now along with the SC2 Pro.

Thanks for the information everyone!

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fantastic choice, I’m sure you are gonna enjoy it.