Shipping Time and Communication from NSH Racing

New hear. Coming from DD2 and 7 fanatec Rims V3 pedals etc
Anyway I ordered a button plate from NSH racing because it was in stock and i liked what it offered.
Order was on the 20th
I have been asking around how long will the order take and people are telling me 3 months.
The item i ordered GT BLE Sport Button plate and SC2 qr. Both items were in stock so i don’t understand why things should take that long.

All the companies im use to use DHL and i have my item in 3 days. Had my SC2 pro in 3days.

Does anyone have experience with this company other than that long thread about how They basically made people wait a whole season for their item?
Ive been trying to contact them but no response.

At first i asked them about their products before i purchased and they hit me back on FB the next day. But when I contacted them after giving them my money i have not received a response at all. I can tell this looks like a company I wont want to do business with.
No communication and slow delivery timeframe?

Has anyone ordered a button plate from the states and how long did it take to get to you?

Here not hear. Tried to edit my post but couldn’t.

Update. Saturday I received a short msg from NSH racing facebook page stating the following.
"Hi Khris dont worry your wheel is finished and will be shipped out on monday.

Nothing more. So i was advised if I do not receive a tracking number tomorrow to call paypal and dispute the charge or the purchase.
That is what I will do. I actually do want the wheel plate as it looks really good. Do we shall see.

When was your order, September 20th?

Edit: I ordered about a week ago. They said 20 days delay. I am trying to cancel so I can go another way. It sounds like even when it ships, after order support is not going to be great.

Edit 2:

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Yes the 20th. If i do not receive my tracking number by the time the close for the day with will be early for us in the states because they are like 7 to 9hrs ahead i will call paypal and start the process

They just told me my order is ready and will ship tomorrow. They told me 20 days last week… go figure. Maybe they just got a shipment of parts or something. Looks like I am going forward with it - will post up when it gets here.

Have you read the post titled “Enough is Enough” NSH-Racing.
In that post people say they lie about your orders.

Well they’ve got like 24 hours to figure it out :slight_smile:

They sent me tracking info but the tracking info isn’t bringing back anything. So I emailed them letting them know. Then they replied saying that the tracking info is correct and that it was getting picked up tomorrow. Which would be the 30th. The tracking info says it was getting delivered by the 30th but really it looks like it won’t get shipped out till the 30th.

Yep, mine is similar, says that the package hasn’t been picked up yet. That’s pretty normal though. My SimRacingBay order was in a similar state for a day or two.

Real interested in your guys feedback regarding your button plate arrival, since I too have placed an order for the Pro BLE button plate on Sept 21 which is to be shipped to Canada. Contacted NSH support through email for an order update on the 27, since I have Only received a confirmation/receipt email since purchase. I also used PayPal, but my fingers are crossed hoping everything pans out. I’ll update once I know more from NSH support. Just my 2 cents

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My wheel was picked up by the shipping company and is now in transit from France to here.

FWIW I have been bugging them via Facebook due to their email box being full sometimes

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So my wheel was finally shipped and I can track it via Boxtal postal service out of France I guess. But I will continue to update as well on how long shipping takes and what I think of the wheel.

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Good to hear. Hopefully my button plate order is next on the list to be dispatched. Still haven’t responded to my follow-up email mind you, but maybe it means they are hard at work trying to get these button plates out the door. Trying to remain positive…

Try Facebook messaging them


Did your paddles come attached to the wheel or did you need to attach them?

I had to attach them. I like it but I’m going to be honest. In my opinion it feels on the cheap side. When u look at it up close it looks unrefined and nmastered. Bothers me.

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Good to know you’ve taken delivery!.
How do the buttons and paddles feel now that you have it in-hand? Are you unhappy with the carbon style finish/ plastic controller box? Is that why you feel it seems cheap to you? I like the yellow accent on it.

I don’t have Facebook, but I guess I could get in contact with them using my wife’s account. Appreciate the heads up though

I mean I like it it seems solid like it will last. For example fanatecs wheel seem more of a higher grade in my opinion yet this button box with no wheel was 550 dollars. You would expect it to be like much more refined. The area around the buttons on the bottom its like a concave area where the part around the buttons is jagged like not well cut. Or cut with a dull source or old machine or something. Just seems cheaper than it cost. The paddles look cheaply made nothings refined and polished up.close under close inspection ther me is alot.of disappointment in my opinion…

I’ve owned F1 2020 le Wheel from fanatec
The podium Porsche wheel
The forza wheel with uni hub
The McLaren gt3 rim
The Esports F1 wheel
The GT2 BMW wheel.
Every single one of those wheels were of a higher caliber or material and care put into assembly it would appear.
I dont have a wheel so I haven’t used it yet but it feels solid enough. But im not impressed.