Severe vibrations withrF2


I searched but found no definitive answer so hopefully I can get some help. On some cars in rF2 (mostly open wheel) I get a SEVERE vibration on my SC2 Pro when beginning to roll or coming to a stop. My knowledge is fairly limited and my hunt and poke settings method doesn’t seem to be working :joy:. It’s not a flat spot as it happens right out of the pits and I don’t have any minimum torque set in game either.

I am lost.

Thank you for any help

There was another member with what seemed like a very similar issue to the one your are describing.

He eventually resolved it by uninstalling the game and then removing any residual folders that were left behind before doing a fresh install.

Of course, before going for such a drastic measure, you could first try smaller troubleshooting steps such as trying out a fresh JSON file which you can find here to see if that makes any detectable difference.

Thank you very much, I tried the new JSON but no luck sadly… it’s weird because some cars feel fantastic but others have that massive vibration.