Servo motor ticking noise

I’m happily enjoying my simucube/small mige w/ BissC encoder. However, from time-to-time, I notice a small tick in the steering wheel; the noise sounds like a creak and I can feel a thud in the steering wheel. Can anyone comment if this is due to the settings or perhaps noise (electrical interference)? The problem is more of an annoyance than affecting how the wheel functions.

is the reconstruction at 0? if so, put 1 on the reconstruction

Is this only when you have centering spring on, or other force feedback generation happening?

I have reconstruction set at 5 in assetto and 3 in iracing. This happens steering wheel at rest (in game or out of game) with the centering spring on or off. I can also feel the ticking in game.

Very strange. Does it change in any way if you have the Configuration Tool running vs. not running?