Random noises coming from the motor while idle

Hi all - this certainly doesn’t affect performance as far as I can tell… but when I finish a racing session I hit the emergency switch and just leave the motor on / sitting idle … Over time there are sometimes these random sounds coming from the motor, like, the only way I can describe it is a tension release/pop sound, or very short creaks. Very weird. Anyone else heard these ghosts in their motor?

As an example, I just did some practice laps around 40 minutes ago. I was sitting here working, and I heard the motor make a sound almost like a muted tuning fork pinging for a very brief moment.

The motor is on, with the e-stop pressed (I pretty much leave it on 24/7)… True Drive isn’t running.

I don’t even know how to really describe the sounds… And honestly. it’s so random, I don’t even think I could hope to capture it in a video… that last one literally took 40 minutes to happen.

Like I said, it doesn’t seem to affect the wheel, it’s just weird hearing these noises from time to time.

The closest post that seems to describe something similar is this one

Could it be your alu rig refitting?
By the way, i have my CPU over the alu rig (over the pedals like a real engine below the bonet) and sometimes i can feel the the GPU and HDDs working

I don’t think it’s extrusion re-settling/re-fitting

I think I’m starting ti suspect a different source, it’s hard to tell though. I think it’s actually the monitor cooling down. The monitor sits directly over the motor column, so any sounds coming from the monitor sound like they’re coming from the motor…

Very annoying to try and isolate