SC2 Ultimate - iRacing - oscillating just before vehicles comes to complete stop

so, i have started with SC2 ultimate profile and found a setting really nice.
but biggest problem is massive oscillation just before car comes to a stop. so while driving, start braking and want to bring car to stop, and just before car stops at slow speed the wheel starts oscillating like crazy! any ideas, suggestions or recommendations?

here are my settings:

Hi Rocafella1978,

What is your max wheel force setting in iracing set to?

Also, please notice there is a thread for iracing/simucube 2:

hi kledsen, i put the WHEEL FORCE = 32Nm

and MAX FORCE will check, i will check but was around 50/60 maybe, will post later exact number, but was different vehicle to vehicle.

hi again,

I just noticed something seems a little weird or I’m missing something.

Your overall strength is at 100%, but underneath it says actual maximum torque is 11.6 NM…
It should not say 11.6 NM, but rather 32 NM.

Not sure how that can happen…
Are both power supplies hooked up, with lights on & plugged fully in?

I think that might be the biggest issue here & you will have to have that resolved before fixing the next point.

2nd: (Probably disregard if you are not new to the wheel, since then you will know this)
Putting overall strength at 100% is pretty wild, except if your max wheel force is also set very high in iracing settings, but is still dangerous.

Be very aware that even after changing iRacing max wheel force setting higher, you will always run the risk of the full 32NM force being applied to your wheel when somebody crashes in to you or you crash a car yourself. That can be pretty violent & I would NOT advice doing so for at least the 1st month of use, while you get used to the wheel & the forces from it.

What people like myself normally do is set the overall strength in TrueDrive to some strength that we can handle easily or at least well in those situations. I think a good start would be to limit it to 10NM or so at first, and setting the max wheel force to maybe ~45 or 50 depending on car for starters.
Then you can change things from there in the future.

hi kledson, will test it all out as you wrote. but i don’t understand why i would lower the 100% strenght? wouldn’t it be lower anyways when in iRacing i have WHEEL FORCE = 32Nm which is the servo/motors force as per spec.

then i lower the WHEEL FORCE all the way down to my liking and no clipping. correct?

also is there a specific slider for reducing oscillation? options in the TRUE DRIVE software?

Add some inertia, try 20% to stop oscillation

Beano!!! hope you are doing well. thank you mate, will try it! appreciate it.

iRacing’s “Wheel force” is only used as a guide for the range you can select in “max wheel force”.

It’s the “max wheel force” setting that matters & has an impact on the output to your motor.

iRacing is a little different than other sims, so the max wheel force is what the car in game is limited to produce. It’s a clipping limit. But also used for normalization before ffb signal is sent to your motor. This means that whatever you put for max force is the point at which your motor will also push 100% of it’s overall strength.

So the short answer is that no, the iRacing setting does NOT limit the output force to your wheel in any way you can predict across cars.

The only way to safeguard yourself is to set the TrueDrive Overall Strength to the absolute max you want to hit your hands.

Please do not forget about my point 1 from the post earlier, as something is bonked in your hardware setup right now it seems. Hopefully just an unplugged power supply 8)

Not in TrueDrive, other than dampen, friction, intertia. But I don’t think they will help you much at close to stand still.

But there is one that might work for your exact problem in iRacing: “Reduce force when parked”.

If you run very high forces, as you do, I think you will want this one checked.

Then again, you might not want to run this high force in TrueDrive in the first place, as it will damage your fingers quickly if you’re not used to it. I’ve bled and blued more than once, and I’m on the pro only 8)

Ha, cheers Mate, life is good :slight_smile:

Take care that side!