SC2 Sport soft whistling sounds?


Recently I received my Simucube 2 Sport, which is great. I never drove with a DD before, and I’ve got to say it’s fantastic!

However, I don’t know if the following is normal, and/or can damage the product:

I mostly drive in rFactor 2 (and Assetto Corsa Competizione sometimes), and whenever I drive over a kerb, or enter a part of a track with lots of bumps and such, I can hear a soft whistling sound coming from the SC2 Sport.

The soft whistling is in rhythm/sync with the corresponding kerbs/bumps. I think those are the high frequencies you can hear, but when I lower the bandwith in Truedrive, it never fully goes away. Just tried as low as 330hz in Truedrive, with rFactor 2 and still om some parts of the track (in this particular case Sebring, but it occurs on all tracks with all cars), I can still hear the soft whistling, albeit less when bandwith limit is set to higher values.

Is this normal? And/or damaging? Can this be tuned out one way or the other using certain settings within Truedrive, other than bandwith limit?

I have the same in AC & ACC, but I almost exclusively drive in rFactor 2, so my focus is on this simulator.

Just want to make sure it’s not damaging the unit, and if this is normal behavior for the unit. And if it can be tuned out.

Truedrive settings for rFactor 2:

  • Force Reconstruction Filter 1 (fast)

  • Bandwith Limit 2200hz (but I have tried unlimited as well as 330hz)

  • Dampening 9%

  • Friction 6%

  • Inertia 3%

  • Static Force reduction 20%

  • Slew Rate Limit Off

  • Ultra Low Latency Mode Off

  • Peaking & Notch Filters all Off

  • DirectInput Damping 0%

  • DirectInput Friction 0%
    Rest of the settings below that on default

In rFactor 2 FFB Smoothing 5 (but have tried 1 - 10). Car Specific FFB Mlutiplier: 55%
I’m using the rev3 json.

Thanks in advance for your reply.


If you are talking about constant white noise sounding whining from the motor, it is normal and cannot be fully avoided when the accuracy of the torque control is as high as we are using. There is a tradeoff between crisp torque control feeling and the audible sound from the motor. It does not damage the motor in any way.

That’s a relief!
Thanks for the rapid response.

Hello Mika, is this also true for the constant noise when the motor is powered on but stationary without any ffb inputs? It is gone when i press the E-Stop.

It is normal as long as the device otherwise starts correctly.

We are just now working on improvements in this regard.