SC2 Sport iRacing settings for a DD N00b

Ok guys so I pulled the trigger and ordered me an SC2 Sport with GT Wheel. Good news is it should already arrive in two days.

Now I need some advice: I’m coming from a Logitech G25, which I never did run with much FFB to be honest, so I guess the culture shock will be huge.

So I want to kind of “ease” my experience into DD FFB. Don’t want to experience some of these horror stories of people injuring themselves upon crashes etc. So my question, what would you recommend me to run as base settings (I run iRacing only). I read most people limit it to 10 - 12nm max, but maybe even that would be too much for me to begin with ? I’m far from being a bodybuilder type of guy so arm muscles will need to grow on me :slight_smile:

What other settings should I set to avoid possible injuries during crashes/spins… slew rate limit ? max lock ? Bump stop ?

I mostly run iRacing GTE, F3 and the occasional Nascar race.

I know there are lots of threads already on the settings, but none of them seem to focus on complete beginners. So any tips for getting a N00b safely underway would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

As a start, you could try my settings:

They’re for a SC2 Pro but they should work fine on a Sport as well.
When I crash real hard, the forces aren’t spiking high so there’s very little risk of hurting yourself.

Many thanks, I will use your settings as a baseline