Sc2 Pro UK power supply

I should be receiving my new SC2 pro on Friday from Tomo at Sim Racing Bay , but it seems that the unit come with EU plugs and not UK?

Is the a correct adapter or power cable to purchase to use in the UK

I cut both of the plugs off and used two of these:

I was originally using 10 amp fuses but after taking advice from other users, swapped those to 5 amp fuses.

Earlier discussion about fuse choice here:

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Much appreciated for the help!!!

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I think what you want is it was is commonly known as a “Kettle Lead” in the UK. It’s what plugs into your PC, and many other electrical items, like guitar amps etc. They are readily available from Amazon etc. Don’t forget to follow EsxPaul’s advice about changing the fuse to 5 amp.

Technically i think it is illegal to supply a uk retail appliance without a uk plug (unless you agree that it is to be supplied otherwise) :

12.—(1) Subject to the following provisions of this regulation, no person shall supply, offer for supply, agree to supply, expose for supply or possess for supply any appliance unless that appliance is correctly fitted with a standard plug which–

(a) complies with the requirements of regulation 8 above [that plugs of that type conform to BS 1363;] and

(b) is fitted with a fuse link which conforms to BS 1362 and is rated in accordance with the appliance manufacturer’s instructions, provided that in the absence of such instructions the fuse link may be rated in accordance with Table 2 of BS 1363.

(2) Paragraph (1) above shall not prohibit any person from supplying, offering to supply, agreeing to supply, exposing for supply or possessing for supply any appliance which does not comply with the requirements of that paragraph but which–

(a) is correctly fitted with a non–UK plug which complies with the safety provisions of IEC 884–1; and

_(b) is fitted with a conversion plug which complies with the requirements of paragraph (3) below and which encloses the fitted non–UK plug and can only be removed by the use of a tool. _

and ‘plugin adapters’ would fail the last paragraph, so it will be something that requires adressing in the order/supply system.


UK cables are included in your package, as already replied over email.

Its also written at SimRacingBay product webpage page and also written seperately on dispatch email which i send to every customer :wink:

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Always number one, from Pietro

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I think you got the wrong person, Tomo :slightly_smiling_face:

No worries, i just need to be sure that guys wouldnt start buying power cables - while i am adding them to package already. :slight_smile:


Hi All,

Tomo has clarified for me that uk power cables will be included , Few👍

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Just want to say a big thank you to Tomo for a super and stress free transaction on my newly purchased SC2 pro. He has been very quick to respond to all my queries and emails. Absolute pleasure to deal with the whole time. I look forward to making new purchase from you soon

Out of the companies I emailed and queried, on this device he was the only guy to respond and engage with me, which gave me great confidence I was in good hands.

Ps super happy with the device, it blows the DD2 out of the water!!