SC2 PRO software on Newly Built PC

Hi All,

just before i install my sc2 pro on my new system, i wanted to check regarding softwate.

my sdd corrupted and lost all my files, and built a new system. now i can remember what was my last Firmware update on the sc2, so am i ok to just install latest version jan 21?

Its OK to install that, but we feel that at the moment, the 2020.10 is more stable so you should install that until we get the 2021.3 release out.

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Thanks Mika!!

ibwas thinking that from some of the feedback i have seen!

Just DL but when i open TD it wont allow me to use without update to latest driver? press cancel and it just closes software off

Then you have the 2021.1 on the device, and you need to perform the downgrade:
Simucube 2 firmware downgrade

Dam!!! much appriciated