SC2 pro showing as sport model in True Drive software

As a fellow Pro owner, I’m interesting in what could cause this. Could it be that the firmware update has caused the issue? Would a flash to a previous version therefore resolve the issue?

Or is it possible that these Pro units have somehow could a Sport component in them - maybe the encoder?

I’m sure Mika will get to the bottom of it - I’m just really curios as to what the cause is.

OK, we have identified that some Simucube 2 electronics packages destined for Pro were accidentally attached to a Sport motor at the factory. Then, the error was noticed and devices were assembled with correct Pro motor. However, there was a one-time programmable setting that remained at the Sport setting.

This was a human error at the factory, and should not happen again.

Number of affected units is not many.

Next public firmware version - hopefully next week - will have special checks for the known serial numbers and after that, the devices will report as Pro units on PC, and will function as Pro units.


Hi Mika,

Thanks for getting back so quickly and explaining the issue.

I will update this thread next week when the next firmware release drops and let you know that the issue has been resolved. (fingers crossed!!)

I’ll use the current sport settings until next week as you advised last night.

Thanks again,

Now it is all up to a large amount of coffee to do the fix based on the serial number.


Haha… if you need any help testing it before the public release then I can help out if you let me know

Thank you Mika
I was so sad and confused when I first saw this on my screen yesterday !
Can’t wait to update it and get my PRO back !

Hi Mika
Just to advise about another one with the same issue. Serial Number 00000975 also from Simtech Racing. Seems like it will be resolved next week anyway, just thought you might need the serial number.
Thank you,

We have conclusive list of affected serial numbers, from the factory logs.

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I have just tested out the code that fixes this; using the serial number of my Pro and switching a few if’s around, I got it to show up as Sport, as expected.

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Hi Mika , do You have the eta for the update ?

Nothing more accurate than “this week”. The code has to pass some more QA.

Thank you … still good to know

Is this rectified now? As recieved mine and same. Ordered pro. Pro sticker on box. Max torque is 17nm.


The firmware that fixes this issue is due to be released this week, see the release notes here:


so 1.0.9 didn’t make it for the final release?

1.0.9 was meant for testing the new easy UI mode so we could get data on it and few other things - and that we could then implement additional fixes/changes to 1.0.10.


Ive updated to 1.0.8 where the known fix is that some units are showing at sport, mine is still showing as sport.

Is there a way that you can confirm I have received the right product and it will be rectified in the next update?

^^ Referring to your earlier question above, you will note Mika has answered you immediately after :wink:

It appears that I edited wrong line in the changelog a few hours ago and it mistakenly read on the 1.0.8 line as well.

Firmware release will be today - I’m racing with the series first, then release.


first Green hell on rf2 then new TD fw release, what a day :slight_smile: