SC2 Pro rumble strip noise


I’m new to the SC2 and I am wondering if this noise is normal? I’ve been told it isn’t but I want to get a few opinions before I contact the distributor for a replacement.


Sounds normal to me and nothing to be concerned with :slightly_smiling_face:

This thread might help to settle your worries


I get that as well, especially when the recon filter is set at a low value combined with a high force setting. Nothing to worry about but you might want to consider setting a higher recon.


Yeah I saw that one earlier and it wasn’t exactly the same so I wasn’t sure.

Also my recon filter is at 5 I believe. Is that low? I do like to keep 100% FFB and adjust within the games themselves, so I figure that might have something to do with it.

Recon 5 is somewhat middle to high in the range but there aren’t any rules to where it should be set so use whatever feels the best for you. I also use 100% on the servo and set the overall strength in game (except iRacing).

If I were to mute my PC audio I would hear the exact same sounds as in your video clip but during normal use I never notice it.

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