Simucube Sport kerb/wheelslip noise?

Hi, I’ve had my sport a month or so now and its a massive upgrade from my old T500. Recently I’ve noticed some noise from the unit on the smaller FF details. I get this noise across all my sims, AC, PC2, Dirt Rally etc, default profiles for each in the TD software.

I originally thought it was my old GT Omega Pro rig but now on a shiny new Sim-Lab P1-X and its just the same, also it does it with my steering wheel removed.

I should add that it feels great and the noise is almost inaudible with game sound on but I’m new to DD wheels and my understanding of them was that they were almost silent so I just wanted to check my wheel is working correctly.


sounds completely normal to me.

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It can be very normal, maybe you lowered your recon or upped the slew rate limit recently?
It is hard to say without seeing your settings.

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That’s the sound dd motors make, it is even less now that it was with OSW.
That shouldn’t affect your ffb at all anyway.

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My SC2 sport makes the same sound when I go over rumble strips or the tires are slipping.

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Thanks all for the replies and putting my mind at rest, I’ll get the sound back on, stop worrying and carry on enjoying this thing :grin: