SC2 Pro in Gran Turismo 7

Hello, I wanted to know if it is possible that the Simucube 2 Pro together with the Heusinkveld Sprint could be used in Gran Turismo 7 on PS5, if it is possible directly or can you use an adaptor or something? Thanks, you would help me a lot!

With all due respect to you who are writing more, it is sacrilege to put a Simucube to play Gran Turismo.

@Manu_Iniesta it is of course not possible to do this directly. I ve seen people using GIMX and probably Drivehub (for PS5) to emulate DD wheels and accessories as a g29, but there might be an issue with wheel oscillations while the car is stationary. If anybody in this forum has done it already for PS5 or PS4 for GT7 i would myself be interested to know their view/findings.
@ossmindo and all due respect, no it is not a sacrilege to use SC in GT7. Lots of people are using them in Forza Horizon, dirt rally and whatever other game, sim or not. GT7 may not be a hard core sim, still it is decent and looks good and enjoyable.


I think ossmindo meant it half jokingly :slightly_smiling_face:.

I agree with you, if one likes to play GT7 (it’s on my wishlist), why not - if it were possible.

I am sure ossimindo was a bit sarcastic :sweat_smile: no issue at all from my side…Btw there is a recent video from Dan Suzuki paying GT7 with SC2 Pro and his usual rig, so yes it is possible.

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Thanks, I hadn’t come across that video yet! Now patiently waiting for the video where he will explain how he did it.

Hello, it was definitely a joke, everyone plays what they want with their equipment, I wouldn’t use my Ultimate to play any of these games, Forza, F Horizon, GT, Dirty Rally, WRC, Richards Burns Rally and etc.
But it certainly was and is a joke. :joy:

Hello, it was definitely a joke, everyone plays what they want with their equipment.
It wasn’t sarcasm I assure you and I apologize if I looked and felt offended.
I don’t think Dan Suzuki is a reference as a driver, I think he’s a great reference as a streamer for racing games.
Hug. :love_you_gesture:

Ah no worries mate, I meant sarcastic in a funny good way. And yes i agree with you, it is not making sense to buy a simucube or any other high end equipment if you are to use it in games with poor ffb. I have tried forza in the past and although it was playable, it was just awful and pointless. When you have sims that can deliver proper ffb, it is kind of annoying settling with crappy feeling. On the other hand most people do not have 2 rigs and if there is a way to make things work and get to enjoy something, then why not.


Does anyone else know how to get gt7 working with drivehub, other than Dan. Apparently, he’s the only one I can find that has got the thing working but he never tells us how…

DriveHub & SC2 ???
Looks not good… Because SC2 wheelbase needs TrueDrive to be opened to activate Hi Torque

Apart from the issue that DriveHub doesnt supporr SC2 wheels

I bought a used ps4 some time ago just for the gameplay of GT7. In connection with a Gimx adapter and the associated software, my simucube 2 sport with several steeringwheels and other peripherals could be used well in the game. Of course you have to accept compromises in terms of FFB and the oscillation effect is also there. However, as long as you hold the steering wheel normally, you don’t feel it.

Now I’m even considering switching to the ps5 in connection with the psvr2. Here, however, a second adapter is required, the drivehub. This could probably lead to more input lag, but it should work.
I’ve also seen videos in which the oscillation effect was significantly reduced by using the fanatec mode in the drivehub. But I can’t confirm that.

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