SC2 price increase?

I have been receiving email from Derek Spears Design that this batch order is the last before Granite Devices raises prices after Jan 1, 2020.
Is Granite Devices going to make an official statement on this?

And how much increase should we expect?

Im interesting to know. Thanks

I doubt the increase will be drastic, Also i imagen price increase also comes from modification on the base for newer batch.

There is another HW revision, what has changed?

There is not a new hw revision.

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Since we are on the topic any idea when the last batch is coming? I heard the shipping date to be mid Dec.

Simracingbay has them in stock now

Ohh ok! So I just have to wait for the stock to arrive to Australia.

Did you order from HRS?
If you did then yeah I guess you just have to wait until they arrive in OZ.

Not sure if they come by air or boat?
I would ask Brett. He may have some info.
I would guess not all resellers get their shipments sent at the same time. That would be a nightmare for Granite Devices to do!

Yup I’ve been told it is expected mid Dec and then we wait for customs

I got an email today it’s all here

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Good news!
Brett will get you squared away!

You are lucky that you live close to HRS. The CNC machined products they do are top quality and reasonable priced.:smile:

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They do CNC machined products! What!

All this time I’ve been going to Bunnings trying to get a custom plate for my Heusinkveld parking break and I could have just asked him.

Damn…I’ll email him now

On a side note I still need SIMLAB to send me the front mounting plate for SC2 that works with TR1. And I don’t have a steering wheel. So it’ll be a boring few weeks in Dec.

Yeah they do some really top quality products.
If you have Facebook the best way to see what is going on is keep any eye on their Facebook page
For some reason they have always seemed to mostly communicate on Facebook.

I’ve just emailed Brett!

I swear if I don’t hear back from SIMLAB tomorrow I’m gonna leave some choice words on their website review page. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Don’t get angry! It is not worth it :crazy_face:

I am sure Simlab will get back to you.
I am sure they are crazy busy and there are only so many hours in the day.


Yeah but the response times are so slow I’ve been chasing them most of this week!

I’m worried they won’t ship the part till next year and the website indicates all product purchases are now on hold.

The got swamped with orders after Thanskgiving Sale, thus site is on hold, have some patience, they’ll get to you eventually.

I understand, but threatening to leave choice words on someone’s website review, to me is not the way to get good service?

That is just my opinion. I am not the forum police.:smile:

I just personally know the guys at Simlab are some really good guys. And I hate to see people fussing with each other.

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Just thinking out loud.
Nobody responded to the original question of this thread.

What is up with the price increase?

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