SC2 Plugin For Stream Deck?

Is there a Simucube 2 Stream Deck plugin available? Either official or 3rd party? It would be fantastic and highly useful and convenient if we could switch FFB profiles and be able to adjust and see settings / setting values via the Stream Deck while in-game. This could be huge for SC2 & Stream Deck owners.

We do not have such API for the True Drive. An API is being designed for Simucube Tuner.

That would be great to control the Sc2 via the Streamdeck indeed!

Very excited. Is Simucube 2 Tuner a replacement for True Drive?

Yes. It is the software for Simucube ActivePedal at the moment, but more is being added to that platform.


Great news!

Do we have ETA for that?

No ETA that we would be confident to say.

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