SC2 Batch 4 Updates

Ordered through HRS at the start of August and was put in batch 4. It shits me now that simracingbay have had units available when batch 3 was received, but now they’re also waiting for batch 4 arrivals. Just want some updates bc I’m starting to pull my hair out, cheers

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Currently production is going according to plan and should unforeseen surprises not to occur, most of batch 4 products should be shipped out from our factory on the week 40. Some orders may ship out on the week 41. HRS has been well on time in the past and I expect that we can ship their order on the week 40. It takes about 2 weeks to get the products to Australia. The Australian customs has been one factor to cause issues that seem like delay to the customer but we cannot influence how the Australian customs run their operations.


Thanks very much for the response

May I just ask what week of production you’re in now? I’m not familiar with your production dates

Today it is Monday the 23rd of September. We are using calendar weeks that begin on Monday and end on Sunday. The current week is the week 39.


Thanks Mika

Leave you to it :slight_smile:

Just wondered if anyone has heard any news on delivery dates from their suppliers for Batch 4?

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Nah I haven’t yet mate… bloody hanging

According to GD Team they were meant to leave the warehouse the week just fine but maybe this week if they haven’t done so yet


me too! I’m in batch 4 order via HRS, hoping we might get them by the end of the month, but steeling myself for November.


Well this kind of puts the “Batch” thing to bed after a this response…

“Production is ongoing continuously, so we feel that there is no need to talk about batches anymore, especially as the shipping times to resellers vary so much and we do not have any control over that.”

Okay, so first message here. I initially thought the Batch Four SC2 were going to be sent in the second half of october to the retailers from GD.
Then I read the post about the week 40-41 max… And it’s week 41 today…

So my question is: when will Augury, whom I ordered from, will receive my SC2 Pro? ^^
(have a nice day , mates!)

I ordered from augury in August. They told me I was in batch 4 and they would be shipped out by mid October but my order was already shipped out september 30th, has cleared customs and is suppose to arrive tomorrow so hopefully you should have your wheel soon. I didn’t realize my wheel was shipped out right away because the email with tracking number was in my spam folder.

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Fingers crossed then, but I bought the SC2 in a pack with a wheel, and they already sent me the wheel on a separate package, so I guess maybe yours was a batch three they had left?

#patienceisnotaproblem #ormaybenot ^^

I also ordered it with a wheel as well the F1S. They never sent me it separately though. I’m pretty sure mine is coming the wheelbase. It definitely could of been a left over from batch 3.

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Ordered the F1S too, mate ^^ Hope it’s gonna be real good!

Feel free to share your initial take and feel on this gear!

My SC2 Pro and F1S arrived today together. I still have to build my simlab P1X which just arrived yesterday as well. I’m pretty busy this week but when I get time to get everything setup I will share my thoughts on the SC2 in another thread. Hope yours arrives soon, cheers.


Simracingbay seems to have all three models in stock now.

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Take your time building and assembling your 8020 AP rig, mate! Mine took me 18 hours to complete :joy::joy::joy:
And don’t be afraid to tighten those bolts and screws firmly!

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Where did you order yours from if you don’t mind me asking? I ordered mine from Jed at Sim Tech Racing in the UK. He said that they should be here this week but not heard anything from him yet.

I live in Canada and ordered my sc2 pro from Augury Simulations in Spain.

Oh I definitely will, I’m not much of a handy man so I expect it to take quite awhile to get it all together. Really not looking forward to building it lol but I’m excited for the end result.