SC2 2nd batch waiting club

Hello guys, so I made this thread to know better any news regarding the delivery of SC2 2nd batch units. If you have any update/info received from your vendor you fancy share with everybody in the same batch, that would be great.
Thank you all.

Ok, I’ll start since I’ve just been told by my vendor shipment started just today - therefore not on wednesday 7/8 as previously stated here on the forum by GD member - and they will receive it by 16/8, which means that I won’t receive it before the end of 4th week (25/8). I guess 2nd and 3rd batches are starting to overlap, if I knew that two months ago I would have surely waited buying.

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Hey, I ordered on May 10 from RaceWerk. I sent an email asking if they got Batch 2, they told me they just received the shipping tracking that showed it was picked up today. So another few days in transit to RaceWerk and then they need to prep for shipping, so yeah, a bit more delayed than I thought it would be too. What can you do at this point but wait?

The logistics take time to get worked out I guess. I’d be surprised if there are zero additional delays to Batch 3. If nothing else such a big batch will probably take distributors an additional week to get unpacked and out the door. Glad to at least be in Batch 2 now.

Allesandro my dude,

I can understand your frustration and I would be bummed out too if I were unable to race for such a long time. However, you’ve expressed this on this forum now for what feels like 50 times and it’s starting to become annoying (to me at least).

I think everyone who visits these forums knows about it now, so maybe you should start chilling out a little and accept that things are the way they are for now (or suffer in silence at least :smirk:).

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Alessandro…ormai è andata cosi…forse se non avessi venduto il tuo DD giravi in pista senza pensare al ritardo di questa consegna.
Io sono nella tua stessa posizione…ma non ho venduto il t300 sapendo o immaginando di questo ritardo.

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Grazie per il supporto, non dico oltre perché altrimenti vengo accusato di parlare troppo, quindi mi fermo qui.
A quanto pare il diritto di critica in questo forum è piuttosto limitato.

Whatever dude… be like that if it makes you feel better.

No need to do something so extreme, Alessandro.

I know you are extremely frustrated with the amount of time you’ve had to wait but you are really close to having the SC2 in your hands now.

Why not stay around? You will benefit greatly by being able to ask for help and receive guidance with your settings once you start driving again.

It would be a shame to see you go so I hope you reconsider :slightly_smiling_face:


While I agree that it’s getting old and annoying, the information here is new for me and valuable.

Doesn’t make me less angry, though.

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Got a shipping notification for mine. The wait is almost over.


Who is your reseller and when did you place your order Leandros?

Mid May at SimTechRacing.

Hi @Leandros, did you get the mail telling you the unit has been shipped to the vendor whom is waiting to receive it or that the vendor already shipped to you?
I ask this because I know my vendor is gonna receive the unit in the next few days, but then I’ll have to wait them to actually ship to me, hopefully at the start of next week.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Status of order changed to “dispatched”, so I’m assuming it’s shipped to me.

I am guessing it’s saying the vendor is waiting to receive it actually, since mine is an european vendor too, and the units have been shipped by GD to vendors last friday if I remember correctly…therefore I think you are in the same situation as me, and you’ll have to wait as long as me, but I really hope for you - and for me - that I am wrong :slight_smile:

Wonder why they just don’t ship it directly to us…I mean everyone has gotten paid already …right?

Because it shipped to the resellers in a larger quantity to control shipping costs.
Likely on a pallet.

I think the direct shipping is the best, but don’t forget GD website is not sell SC2 they all sold by reseller. Maybe GD can disscuss with reseller how to add the shipping fee together for direct send out. I think this is the best way for buyer and reseller.