SC2 2nd batch waiting club

@Ylleeason: Actually, not for GD. Logisitcs-costs will be quite expensive overall, like additional staff to handle shipping, handling, and other items involved with this.

What seems easy and logical for the end-user, is not necessarily the case. GD is doing it the best way to enable lowest possible price to Resellers, and thus to you. If it were done as suggested, rest assured, it will be quite a bit more expensive.

Once the immediate supply-chain challenges have been resolved, it will be a pretty seamless process with minimum delays caused by the interim step. Plus. what Joe said above :wink:



Exactly what Beano said:)

I think there are now 12 plus resellers.
Assume each reseller was to receive 10 units. If GD was to ship to all end users they would have to ship to 120 different locations plus all of the customs forms etc.
10 times as much work that could be used more effectively building more SC2!! :slight_smile:


Worth pointing out here that Fanatec is using the same argumentation, to prove that by dealing with customers directly, thus by not having a middle man who must make a profit to survive, they can offer lower prices to the end customer. Now, who is right?:wink:
Of course, from a manufacturers point of view, a resellers or distributors main purpose most often is to take over the chore of distribution to end customers and providing support, allowing the manufacturer to save resources, that were otherwise neccessary.

It would probably not reduce the final price for the customer. Many more people would have to be hired to send packages, support, etc …

See who is providing the better/significant more high-end equipment for similar pricing though, you are not comparing apples to apples :wink:

Also, Fanatec has business-entities in a variety of countries, so their model is in essence the same.

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@phillip.vanrensburg hi, have you had the chance to test a podium dd wheel? just curiosity, I have no doubt Sc2 wheels are overall better, and also I might be a little biased given my previous bad experiences with fanatec gears…

does Fanatec manufacture its engines?


I also ordered mine from SimTechRacing but in early June. I haven’t received a shipping notification yet though. Are you in Europe? I am in the US. Maybe Jed is taking care of EU orders first?

Are you in Batch 2 or Batch 3? I’m in mainland Europe and in Batch 2.

I’m in Europe, my vendor is also in Europe, I ordered the same period as Leandros did, but I just got a mail after my request - so not a notification of any sort - telling me the unit is gonna be delivered to them on friday 16/8, so as I said I guess we all are not gonna receive the units before 25/8 or even on the first days of the week after…I think it depends on how long any vendor will need to keep the units before sending them out (which I think might be different from one to another) and then off course how long will it take to phisically deliver the unit to the customer’s house.
I’m realistically hoping to receive it someday between 23rd and 30th of august, not before nor after.

I’ve received an email for my reseller. Now is delivered my new SC2​:partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:
Will be in my house 21st august


I asked Jed and he told me I’m in batch 2

Hi Mate,
Yes, I received the very first DD2 wheel for beta-testing, sometime 1 year or so ago.

I do not want to give feedback about any other products here though, but let us just say that you made the best possible decision from quality, performance and product-maturity, as well as future-proofing perspective.



I’ve asked him about a tracking and haven’t received any answer yet, so I guess he’s busy preparing the units for international shipping. You should get an email soon.

My reseller got his batch 2 packages today and he promised me to do all he can to get my package on its way asap.
So hopefully i get it before the weekend starts


Sounds a lot like things are finally happening for everyone! :+1:


I received a Fedex tracking# today from Augury should arrive 8/21/19.:joy:

Where are you from? Mine came from Slovenia to the Czech Republic in less than 24 hours. :smiley: :smiley:

I’m located in the U.S.

Ordered when from Augurysimulation?