SC2 2020 special edition

In the recent update of MFG Status that Mika mentioned I just read there is a 2020 special edition with exclusive software features that are not normally seen on pro and sport models.

Tell us more.:smile:

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hey where have you read that?

I’m not doing our social media posting stuff at all right now. But there was an update about production delays today.

On the Simucube site announcing what is up with production.
Down towards the end of the post under the flowchart.
Very interesting indeed.:wink:

I hope it’s a joke.
I got the pro instead of the sport, amongst other things, bc I did not want to lose out on software features… Turned ojt to not be the case.
But if I had just WAITED to buy, I would now get those?

WEIRD marketing!
PLEASE just make us all happy and release those features to us all bc of the current situation instead.

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Just before heading to bed, I want to point out that nowhere in our marketing materials does it say that Sport and Pro do have different software features at the moment; only hardware features are different due to different motor being used.


100% true, I was brought to believe that only sport would miss some software features back then from other sources that were wrong.

But what is annoying is that if I just had WAITED to buy NOW instead, I would get those.
That is weird. Just make us all happy instead.

I just mentioned it because a teaser like that leaves open soooooo many questions.
I did not intend to start a post to upset people. I just want more info.
Like a kid at Christmas! LOL

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True, we haven’t really decided on what features the special edition will have.

The list to select from is some new software features (fine-tune adjustments for existing filters) that are at the moment only on Ultimate model, or some early-access filters that are only available on Ultimate.

Or maybe some other types of features such as funny autonomous driving / drunk driving simulator mode.

The delays due to our suppliers are making all things hard for us. But we are getting on top of it, as a result of taking a strong daily telecon schedule for the problematic suppliers, and finding alternative ways to produce the components during this extra difficult time in the world history. We’ve been promised too many components too often, only to be informed “you are only getting 80 instead of the 1000 ordered due to issues”. Nobody has offered any compensation to us due to the component production issues, but we want to give at least something extra to those that have to wait for very long time.


Completely understand and truly appreciate your response this quick and this hour.
I think you would get more happy customers by just releasing these features to all.
No need to limit to special customers. They will appreciate it too either way.


I won’t be happy if some features are unlocked for some “special” customers in a “certian” period when they could be added for everyone.

I hope GD don’t down the Fanatec path of Special Edition bullshit for new owners whilst the people who backed you from day one get left behind.


It would be a great error to do such a thing …

I won’t be happy at all if some features are enabled for some “special” customers in a “defined” period. what does that mean for me ?
What does that mean for those who buy batch 1 2 or 3 ?
Looks like fanatec shitty méthods…

Pls guys stick to things you know (hardware and soft dev) and avoid marketing like that…


Just repaint TrueDrive software with other theme colors and add a text pointing “2020 special Edition”, Thats all

Im tired of reading here that “no time for DXfilter test, no time for permanent WirelessOff, no time, no time…” and then this special Edition, what a joke…

About precission filters (fine tune): Just found that TD simple profiles uses decimals in some sliders but over advanced mode this is not possible, only changes from 1% to 1%, why not decimals in avance mode??? Only integers is not ideal

Given the “quality” and response to customer requests / feedback for the TrueDrive software “less is more” in my view…

I love the hardware, the software side is rapidly going the way of the competition.

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I saw this yesterday on their Facebook page and have been wondering what the exclusive features could be. I hope they’re not useful/important features that improve the driving experience because that’s just unfair to other customers. However, I doubt GD would bother adding these features if they were insignificant.

The only feature I could think of that would add some value without upsetting existing customers would be something cosmetic/aesthetic, like a special skin for the TD software.

Instead of special software IMO, they could for example include an extra QR for a second rim, t-shirt, stickers and other stuff. Or why not some kind of special emblem on the base…


Premium e-stop is another option.
Or extended warranty.


I agree with Boska and Andrew Wot.
It is good that GD reward delivery delay to your customers with a piece of hardware
Although this has not happened in the past, the change is positive.
I wouldn’t understand if they add exclusive softawre to some units and not to others.
My humble opinion.


I want order next month how u can see the spezial Edition and for the old xustoners its a kick in his a** if u do that many people think Teile before they preorder in Future or waiting for a soecial Edition . If its getting wieder u will lose custoners because that.

We will have news about this soon. Current plan is that the special edition features will be enabled for all devices manufactured before a certain date.

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