SC 2 Pro Uncontrollable oscillation after latest firmware

Hi everyone, I’m getting a lot of oscillation with my wheel after getting the latest firmware in rF2. I had been on firmware from over a year ago and realized I should update, but now I deeply regret it since I basically can’t drive anymore. The oscillation is high frequency so it actually makes my hands go numb after just a couple of minutes of driving. I can’t do anything with the settings to alleviate this, I’ve tried using a ton of dampening, smoothing in-game, etc. Nothing puts a dent into this crazy oscillation and I feel like there’s some kind of defect or possibly the firmware wasn’t installed correctly but I have no idea.

Any help would be appreciated

You can downgrade to the firmware you were using by following these steps

I installed latest firmware and at least BTCC pack works as before update, everything is fine.

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