Running Simucube Firmware 1.0.30, TD 1.0.28 - Do I need to update?

Hi, as above I haven’t done any updates for ages. I was just wondering, do I need to update anything?

I’m not really interested in the paddock side of things, but was wondering if any newer updates add anything performance wise? Am I missing out on anything?

Thanks in advance.

You are running release 2020.10 which is more than a year old. The changelog is public.

So should I be updating? As I said, I’m not particularly interested in the paddock aspect of True Drive…….but I’ll update if completely necessary.

There was nothing functional really in all the releases after 2020.10, but if you decide to upgrade anyway, 2021.9 is the one with the least issues and the last supporting Classic mode.

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Oh that’s a good point, even if you want to go to the latest, you should go to this version first so you can use it to convert your profiles over to Paddock.

Personally I’d recommend 2021.7. I have had zero issues with it and it doesn’t have that “friendly reminder” about classic being removed. I also find the motor runs cooler than when I was using 2020.10

Ok, thanks for the input guys. So if I do go ahead with updating, do I just download and run the new Truedrive software version, and then I’ll be prompted to update the Simucube driver?
Sorry for the dumb questions, but it’s been a while since I’ve had to do this!

Just download the version you’d like to use and then run the true drive classic exe

Downgrade procedure must be done for versions earlier than 2021.11.

Simucube 2 firmware downgrade

Seems to be a lot more hassle than it’s worth to be honest. It would be handy if there was just a simple step by step guide somewhere.

It also doesn’t fill me with confidence when the opening paragraph states it’s not well tested!

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Agree, that was textbook jerk move to aggravate customers, at least you can snooze it for 30 days.


You don’t need to follow downgrade procedure if moving version up. Just download it, unzip and run executable, just follow on screen instructions.

most of Simucube 2 users do keep their firmware up to date, so the reminder was well placed. How would you have done it?

You’re updating though so no need to follow the downgrade steps. Just open the TD classic exe and it will prompt you what to do.

Sorry didn’t realise Andrew had already posted the same message

I wouldn’t, and could have gotten myself in trouble if added something annoying like this in client facing app.
This version fully supports Classic, that’s all users of that mode care, why do I need this nagging reminder that next version wouldn’t, you have release notes for that.
At least the snooze could be perpetual, or shown only once when Classic mode is activated.

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Reminder must pop Up when clicking on the updatefirmware.EXE, on all firmware since the suppression of Classic True Drive,

So the grumpy gang driving old firmwares that are reticent to loose the ol’good classy and sleek TD are aware of that major loss before installing.


I feel exactly the same, SimuCube 2 was supposed to be “hassle” free updating from within the system, not like it is now, that’s how I remember one of the great things about changing from a SimuCube 1 would be, beside the obvious, as the motors are so much better, and the cpu much more powerful, but I guess that update-thing didn’t make it, unfortunately.

So I’m like you, I updated when I bought my SimuCube 2 Pro v2, and never looked back, as I hate having things half way working.
I’m on TD 2020.7, so also an old one, and I have not had any problems.

If I knew I could just return to this old one I might try an update, but it always seem to be that you have to update to something before you can get the latest, and I really don’t feel lige testing things out like that, I want things to work, and not be part of “beta” testing.

Sorry for the rant, I love my SimuCube 2 Pro, but I’m not into this “beta” testing software.


Most of the recent issues have been due to the firmware rewrite that we did this year. While we tested the operation on many units in our office - all device models and revisions - there are still some issues that seems to be creeping up on some units. It is unexpected, and the timing is also unfortunate as its right in the middle of the holiday season.

Would be nice if we had pre rewrite stable branch where you can still apply critical safety patches like one for R3E out of control wheel spinning, while working all kinks out with selected group of beta users on new gen.
That’s how it’s usually done, don’t see why TD must be different from tried and proven traditional SW development formula.

Its all to do with resources. Managing code with dissimilar code base in different repositories is not as straight forward, even a small change needs to have its tests and QA done, + building releases via pipeline or otherwise… so, if we kept our development active on two branches, the effect to the development efficiency would suffer very much. Its best to just move on as quickly as possible from the old firmware that is difficult to maintain as it is.

This is actually what we did with the new firmware, and that is why finding new issues on it is unexpected. We used a more internal to us (but more methodological) testing group this time.