RTX 2080ti with ACC

Just curious how Assetto Corse Competizione performs with a RTX 2080ti.
I’m sure some of you guy’s have already spent their $$$ to own the best of the best :slight_smile:

Greetz, Rick

Strange thing: my shop advised against it (they said it would be way to early for that). So I moved now to a GTX 1080 TI (replacing my GTX 980 TI). I gained over 50 FPS (even with higher settings).
(Triple 27" 144 Hz 1ms BENQ monitors)

I’m sticking with my 1080Ti for now, unless there is some major improvement that is discovered (seems highly unlikely going by the current info).


I did a somewhat different comparison vs the 1080ti. Vr only, as I have not seen it done.

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Thanks for the test and for sharing the video. It was great to see the difference.

However i have a question. I have a 1080ti and 8700k with samsung odyssey. It is working fine under iracing. Before buying this setup i tested multiple cards and processors and i realized that it was not the graphics card which limited the fps but the processor.

On the Render grahphics phisycs realtime display it was always the processor dependent component which reached the maximum.

How can it be that in your case with the rtx you can generate more frame per sec than with the gtx?

Is the rtx doing something extra which free up some kind of processor capacity in iracing???

Thank you for your view in advance


Quite honestly, the only variable that changed is the video card and drivers (latest of the series 3xx drivers for the 1080ti and latest 4xx series for the 2080ti)
So I would attribute the frame rates and smoothness of play to the graphic card alone.Again, it’s not earth shattering but still a big improvement for me. I think the telling title will be ACC in VR since it’s built on a modern engine. I won’t be testing both cards again, but will try and max out the settings and see how the 2080ti handles it.

Excellent comparison test from BSMracing. It’s telling it all for me, the hype from NVidia isn’t at all on par with the truth. If you already own a 1080ti it’s useless to upgrade 5fps. If your looking to upgrade from anything less, then the 1080ti is still your best choice. There just isn’t any justification in paying 1.400 Euro for a card like the 2080ti if you can buy a 1080ti for half that price.

I will test acc with my 8700k and 1080ti so we can compare the results :slight_smile:

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The comparison tests at bsimracing are not using VR. According to the excellent review from @Pete_RW for VR the improvement of the 2080ti over the 1080ti is much more significant.

Yep runs fine all set to max 5760x1200 i7 8700k 4.8ghz 32gb Ram 2080ti I love it went from a 1070 so big jump :slight_smile:

I have the Gigabyte ganing OC
In Vr only 45 disapointing! Or you must set it to medium or low on samsung Odyssey
Even on triple 40inch 4K @ 7680x1440 i Can get 55fps on Epic GPU load 99 %
But on Vr the gpu load only 49-70 %

I was lucky enough to present my simrigs at the nVidia launch event.

It was running on triple 1080p, and very beta drivers on an alpha version of ACC at the time.
Do not expect any RTX features to work atm.
The performance: i had 85-100fps on EPIC with the 2080, same settings with the slightly overclocked 1080ti was 75-95fps.

I was the biggest fan of the RTX 20 series cards until it was pretty obvious that Nvidia were playing games.
I pre-ordered ther 2080ti FE within an hour of launch and I sent it back within 5 days of owning it.

Sure it’s fast, but I had to think about what that meant.

When I’m racing I am 100% in VR, and current VR is perfectly matched with the GTX 10 series cards.
There’s really nothing much to gain from more frames since the eye candy can’t be seen in VR like my 1440p monitor.

I also don’t game in 4K - when I’m not racing I play first person shooters and when you have gamed at 144hz/150FPS there’s no going back to 60-80FPS.

There’s still no ray tracing titles and even the ones that are coming will essentially put me back in the kind of FPS rates I have zero interest in.

Given the fact that supply of the 2080ti has proven to be extremely slim, with pre-orders still waiting for cards, tells me that Nvidia is in no rush to do anything except sell off the the million+ 10 series GPU overstock they have and as crazy as this sounds, they don’t want people buying the 20 series cards right now.

Ray tracing is amazing, but it’s at least a generation away and my 1080ti is more than enough for at least several more years.


Just wondering if any of you 2080ti owners are suffering a defective card?
It seems to be that the RTX series cards are going kaput by the hundreds.
Folks who get a replacement card see that card also going kaput within days :frowning:

I have had no problems with my RTX 2080 Ti FE i got my card on 04/10, i have done a 2 day stress test on the card with fans at 100% with no problems.The only thing i get when i boot win 10 is the black screen bug but a quick restart and all good this is a bug with the latest Win 10 update and not a card problem.

I also saw these videos in YouTube and it’s actually quite alarming the failure rate.
I’m so glad I returned mine for a full refund within 20 days.

The more information I get, the more I really think this entire series was both a primer for what’s to come, but more importantly an elaborate marketing deception designed to ensure the sale of the massive overstock of Pascal GPU’s and DDR5x Memory - I saw yesterday they are launching a new GTX1060 with the same memory you would normally find on the 1080ti, again supported by data regarding Nvidia’s overstock of last generation parts.

Not totally knocking the card (I did put my money where my mouth is) as it’s an amazing performer, but it’s in no way worth the insane MSRP price (2080ti) which is almost impossible to find these days with scalpers raising the prices to closer to $2K - that’s lunacy if you simply compare the performance increases from the 1080ti.
Ray tracing isn’t even a ‘thing’ right now and it doesn’t look like it will be in this generation - that was the #1 reason to spend the money on this card.

2020 is when we will likely see the ‘real’ Ray Tracing cards that Nvidia have hidden away for the time being.

Eh, I saw a few spots where the power of my 2080ti helps with vr. Also getting a pimax.

2080ti helps keep 144 or near at max settings, well unless you’re cpu bottlenecked. 60fps at 4k actually somewhat translates to 144 at 1440p.

There’s not really any examples of a game developed with rtx. The demos were like 2 weeks of work. Dice has said they’ll have quality settings for RTX.

But yeah if you jump from 1080ti then it’s going to be a mediocre performance increase. I’m happy coming from my 1080.

Can You get the load of the GPU @90-100% ?
I cannot get that in VR because my Samsung Odyssey in steam on 2500 resolution get to 50-70%
Thus You cannot push the card to its full potential
Otherwise on a monitor @ 4K or higher resolution ( triple monitor ) then the card come to its potential
And get its 90-100%

You mean in acc? yeah in single player. but the game bottlenecks heavily with multiple cars. even my 8700k with 3200mhz ram can’t keep up, that or it’s the engine/optimization.