RTX 2080ti with ACC



Singleplayer vs multiplayer = -15 - 20 fps
8700k bottlenecks ? No I think the game
Is stil Beta and must be optimized
Because 95% of the people has lower CPU
Therefore they must! Optimized the game
Otherwise selling the game is a problem


Agreed, the game is a horrific mess, especially for VR.

I really don’t have much confidence in them resolving VR performance.
Monitor will be fine I’m sure with a decent PC.


It is worrying to read that even the most expensive hardware doesn’t give us the expected smooth frame rate.
I’m at the mids of deciding on a new setup that will give me maximum performance.
But when people with a 8700K and a 2080ti get bottleneck problems, I’m worried.



It has far less to do about the hardware and much more to do with the developers not understanding what they are doing.
Unreal4 engine is fantastic and is capable of wonderful VR experiences - if you have an Oculus you should try out Robo Recall, and there are many other VR experiences (many free) that are on this graphical engine.

Their decision to once again refuse to take the time and invest the resources in DX12 will hold back the title, especially for VR.
In much the same way as iRacing is still developing on Windows 7 PC’s which only use DX11 and all the restrictions that come with it.

The one good thing with the RTX cards (because there aren’t many right now) is that they will force developers to begin adopting DX12. Will we see a massive shift?
Maybe not this generation, but we will start to at least to see a shift - ray tracing is still in it’s infancy and many will simply not be willing to make the backwards steps in dramatically lower frame rates to accommodate the massively intensive computational work behind making ray tracing come to life.

Nvidia jumped the gun on this launch, but I personally believe that they knew what they were doing - it was more about finding a way to sell the massive overstock of 10 series GPU’s and DDR5X by literally launching a new GPU series that competed directly with their last series. Seemed counter-intuitive at first, but they created so much confusion and uncertainty in the market that the remaining stock of 10 series cards actually sold (and still selling) for more than their original MSRP 1.5-2 years ago!

Nvidia actually made a massive profit from clever marketing and market manipulation in the same way they did during the crypto currency craze where they purposely controlled supply to increase demand, all the while blaming the ‘greedy miners’ for raising the prices.
I ordered (and returned for a refund since I already have one) 2 GTX1080ti’s as an experiment during this time for the sole purpose of looking at date of manufacture and in both cases these cards were manufactured around the same time as the 10 series launch. They were controlling supply, plain and simple.
And they got caught with their pants down when the crypto currencies crashed, so they had to find a way to sell off all that stock without taking a loss.

The 20 series and all the confusion around why these cards existed - the entire launch presentation was about Ray Tracing, and this was the most tightly controlled release of any GPU in their history.

And now with 10 series stock almost exhausted according to sources, buyers have no option other than to buy the 20 series cards at inflated prices for essentially the same performance. The 2080 is essentially the same as the 1080ti, and the new ti is insanely priced and will likely remain that way until they have any competition and AMD are showing zero signs of that with the upcoming launch of a new card that likely won’t be any better than the GTX 1060.

So Nvidia can actually now say their ‘ti’ cards are $1200 - I pre-ordered within an hour of launch and had a 2080ti FE, which I returned because it can’t do anything for me as I game at 1440p 144hz and I’m waiting for Oculus to provide their true next gen VR headset (not the one they plan to release next year which really isn’t much of a step forward).
I am not at all interested in Pimax - it’s great to have competitors but they aren’t quite there yet and the future is in things like foveated rendering, eye tracking and the like. Not just updated resolutions that even the best tech has trouble driving without software trickery.

If you stand back and look at everything objectively it’s actually been a marketing masterpiece.
Really bad for consumers, but they don’t care.

The 8700K is a fantastic CPU and as can be seen from recent reviews there’s no point in updating to the new i7 9700K or even the i9 9900K if you primarily game because they are no better than the 8700K.
You will be fine for many years with this CPU, but if you are in no rush and can wait for Ice Lake that should be a proper step forwards.

If you need an upgrade now then your best choices are 8700K and 2080 (not the ‘ti’ unless you want to throw away money or like playing 4K at 60-80FPS).

Sorry for the ramble, but I have found this absolutely fascinating to watch.
Nvidia needs competition, and we may have to wait until the next Xbox (no joke) which will come just after we start seeing consumer LCD TV’s with display port connections and higher native refresh rates.
Current Xbox One X can do 4K 60FPS and Microsoft have publicly stated they are developing multiple next generation consoles and fully intend to wait until Sony release their PS5 and then release a console that will smash it as they are tired of being behind Sony and are turning the tables. And they have the resources to do that.
The next Xbox will likely be as powerful (or better) as a current day GTX1080 based PC, and for around $500 with full keyboard and mouse support (this was launched last month in conjunction with Razer), it will be difficult for many PC gaming enthusiasts to justify $2-3K on a new PC.

If only iRacing were to release the service on console, AC have and I think that’s their main target market for ACC. So never say never!



Really enjoyed your post, many thanks.
For me I felt myself in between the 1080ti and the 2080ti.
Yes, with regards to the price difference it’s maybe a no brainer.
But I’m suspicious they can get a lot more power out of the RTX cards.
Imagine, I buy a 1080ti and they get sold out.
Suddenly, after a driver update, the RTX cards outperform the 10 series massively.
Is NVidia capable of such evil deception?
I think they are.


But why Can iracing give the best VR performanche?
Compared it to rFactor2 - ACC


Yes to Nvidia being deceptive.
Can the 20 series cards do more? Sure, of course they can.

But the new hardware (tensor cores) is really geared for Ray Tracing, and we have all now seen that even the insanely priced 2080ti (with samples dying all over the place, including one that went on fire - seriously ON FIRE) simply cannot do Ray Tracing at framerates that any respectable gamer would contemplate using.
It’s a technical demo - that’s it.

The next generation is where it’s maybe going to be something that works.

Nvidia likely have GPU technology 5-10 years ahead and are drip feeding every other year for profit.
Expect to see another new card probably end of 2019 as it will be very difficult for them to justify the price of the 2080ti when ray tracing isn’t viable in current games and until the market makes the shift to DX12+ then it’s never going to be more than just a little better than the 1080ti.
The 10 series cards were not very good at DX12 - Nvidia has been reported as holding the industry back as AMD’s cards are actually very good with DX12 and close the gap much more than they normally do.

So, unless you absolutely want to game at 4K with high settings, the 2080ti is an albatross of sorts.
The 1080ti will do 4K 60FPS with respectable settings.
But I personally don’t get 4K gaming - 1440p is where it’s at if you are sitting at a computer desk with a 27-32" gaming monitor 1.5-2ft away. 4K is pointless unless you just “have to have it”.

But if you play 1st person shooter then you will notice 60-80FPS @4K MUCH more than the crispy beauty of 150-180FPS at 1440p. Trust me, I have tried a 4K monitor and Amazon have that back too!

People want to believe that the 20 series will be these ‘sleepers’ (I was one of them) that will suddenly pounce into insane performance when the 10 series cards are depleted.
Well, the 10 series (at least 1080ti) are pretty much gone, a few scalper here and there trying to offload the last few for $1000 or more, and the latest Nvidia Drivers have seen a 5-9FPS performance boost on my 1080ti, which is still outperforming most 2080 cards.

So, don’t hold your breath. Instead hold your wallet! :slight_smile:


its like intel when they dominated for so long over AMD and then after years as AMD came back they start popping out the quick stuff again like there going out of business. Its like dominating a sim race an the last 10 laps you got that great lead and can coast it till someone catches up