Richard Burns Rally and Simucube 2

Share my profile for Richard Burns Rally and leave a video testing the Hyundai in France

FFb at 55%
Auto centering forces On

True Drive:
UltraLowLatency may not match your PC-SC2 communications
SlewRateLimit= 4.80 = Off on the Sport


You should also post what mods you are using on RBR otherwise there is no point for this if you have different physics mod.

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Yeah, you are right!
Im running up to date french mod but with NGP 3.1, copy-pasted old PhysicsNG folder over Plugins folder.

Dont like Last NGP 6.0 or 5.0 too much info at cost of weight feeling

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i have been playing alot with the Simucube 2 settings for RBR with the latest NGP Plugin:

Ingame in RBR options disable all filters in steering (analog and digital).

Igame in RBR options force feedback disable auto center.

Ingamge in RBR options set the FFB force between 6 - 8.

I did only play around a little bit with the following settings for the moment:

-Force Reconstruction Filter
-Torque bandwith limit

I did not play around with the following settings for the moment:

-Static Force Reduction
-Slew Rate Limit
-Ultra Low Latency Mode
-Peaking and notch filter settings


New NGP versions arent for me, too much bumps and less weight feeling, but I will test your profile to see how it feels with RBRpro.

Check this post with my profile and @Mika Please merge both topics:

I’ve merged the two threads.

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Hi, in Fixup.ini you have FFB settings (Version 3.0)
I haven’t had time to test all this yet.emphasized text

adaptiveFFB = 1
ffbBufferCycles = 0
ffbDeadZone = 0
ffbDeadZoneThreshold = 0
ffbMinFPS = 58

Adaptive Force Feedback

Depending on the performance of your hardware the force feedback can be
improved significantly.
Best results will be achieved with vsync on, because only then enough cycles
will be available to actually apply the FFB stuff.
With vsync off, activating the adaptive FFB may lead to stuttering, and is not
This fix may be disabled and configured (see “Configuration”).

; Enable/disable the adaptive force feedback calculation
; 0 - disable/deactivate adaptive FFB (use RBR’s standard algorithm)
; 1 - enable/activate adaptive FFB

Force Feedback Dead Zone

When using direct drive wheels you may suffer from small oscillations of the
steering wheel while driving a straight line, especially on tarmac.
You may configure a dead zone within which the force feedback at your steering
wheel is set to zero.
This fix may be disabled and configured (see “Configuration” for details).

Number of cycles to be used as peak performance buffer when adaptive FFB is
; active.
; Slightly increase this value if you suffer from micro stuttering.
; The lower the value, the better the FFB.
; Values higher than 3 may effectively disable adaptive FFB.
; 0 - don’t use buffer (fully optimize FFB)
; >0 - number of cycles to be reserved as buffer for peak performance

; Minimum frames per second (FPS) rate to keep when adaptive FFB is active.
; Use a slightly lower value than your device’s FPS.
; Note: prior to FixUp version 2.7 a fixed value of 58 has been used.
; This parameter is useful if you are using a high frequency monitor.

Deadzone of the steering wheel as a percentage of the total wheel lock in
; one direction.
; E.g. if you have configured your wheel with 900 degrees lock to lock, a
; value of 0.02 would specify a 0.02 * (900/2) = 9 degrees dead zone from
; center to right, and from center to left, respectively.
; Reasonable values are usually in the range 0.02 to 0.05.
; E.g.
; MiGE 130ST-M10010 : 0.04
; Lenze MCS12H15L : 0.02 - 0.03
; 0 - no deadzone
; >0 - deadzone percentage

; Force feedback threshold as a percentage of the maximum force.
; Any force feedback force below this value is clipped, so eventually the FFB
; at your steering wheel is zero, if and only if the current steering wheel
; position is within the ffbDeadZone.
; E.g. if you have set this value to 0.10, the force feedback will be set to
; zero if the force is below 10% of the maximum force and the wheel lock is
; within the configured dead zone.
; Reasonable values are usually in the range 0.05 to 0.15.
; E.g.
; MiGE 130ST-M10010 : 0.10
; Lenze MCS12H15L : 0.06

And in RichardBurnsRally.ini you also have these settings

The force feedback sensitivity, given in percent.
; Values lower than 100 decrease the FF sensitivity and increase the FF force.
; Values larger than 100 increase the FF sensitivity and decrease the FF force.
; Generally lower values do make the force feedback less precise, but
; stronger, and reduce peak force impacts.
; Global values (without Car«N» postfix)
; applies to gravel stages

; applies to tarmac stages

; applies to snow stages

Hello David,
I dont use vSync not adaptiveFFB so all those parameters are useless for me.
I think we can do the same thing in another way with SC2 software

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No need for adaptive FFB in FixUp with a direct drive wheel. It also costs fps.

The filter was for the first servo wheels and its oscilisations, also no need for it this days.

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Bonjour, j’ai un simucube 2 qui n’est pas reconnu par rbr, avez vous des solutions ?

Mmm, first make your TrueDrive profile with 540Âş.degrees of rotation.
Then ingame controls option, delete all assingments on every axis (most importante one to delete is - left right axis combined - IIRC) and remap from scratch.
When entering steering axis X, turn your wheel up to the bumpstop and beyond, reléase the wheel and turn it at full speed if not recognized

Save profile before leave the game and never change the USBs possitions if you dont want to lose the controls and redo again. If you forgot to plug any device (shifter or Handbrake or pedals) the controls mapping are gone too

how do i run with ngp 3.1? do you have these files or can i download them somewhere?
after a long time i went back to rbr and i’m not liking the feel of the car


I can upload them when in the mancave.

Meanwhile I go on to explain what I did:
-Install RSRBR without updates.
-Copy “PLUGINS/PHYSICS” folder as a backup.
-Continue installing all updates to have all tracks & cars. When done, paste backup PHYSICS folder to RBR PLUGINS folder.

By the way, you can do the same steps to copy whatever NGP versiĂłn you want, for example: Install update X with NGP4, copy PHYSICS folder and Continue updating, then when all update paste old Physics folder

Dont know why is there but I like the feeling. To match my config delete or rename your actual PhysicsNG.dll file

Thanks for the answer!

I’m trying to install RSRBR but he asks me to have richard burns rally installed, and I have … when installing RSRBR he doesn’t ask for the original game installation path and cancels

do you know what it can be?

good to know, thanks

I managed to proceed with the installation of RSRBR :slight_smile:

Cool, IIRC RSRBR must be installed over any RBR install folder available, you can have multiples RBR installations

I have SC1 and FFB is great but if someone don’t know what to buy, SimuCube or VRS… buy SimuCube… In VRS FFB is not working at all in RBR and WRC9… newest firmware…

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Hi all,

I don’t seem to be able to get my wheel detected. My Fanatec V3 pedals seem fine (though inverted) but the wheel is a no go.

I’m using the NGP version of the game.