Really Annoying SC2 Pro Issue

Just got the SC2 Pro, and noticed a really annoying issue. Any time I hit a wall, or sometimes go over rumble strips, exiting a corner with speed, my wheel goes out of alignment, and I have to stop the game, go into True Drive, and literally have to recenter the wheel. Any insight on this would be helpful. It’s indescribably annoying.

Sounds like your hub might be slipping on the shaft. If you remove the wheel and the 3 screws on the hub ( dove tail adapter), there are 4 screws on the split-bush, that needs to be tightened in a cross-wise pattern. Don’t overdo it, but snug them up with an Allen key.

Put the dove-tail adapter back after and enjoy racing.

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Thanks, I’ll try that and see if it resolves the issue.

Didn’t work, but thanks for the tip. Perhaps my SC2 unit is defective.

Mmm, related to this, on the other end of the servo, the encoder might be loose. Let’s see what GD support says.

Make a support ticket.

I had a similar issue with losing alignment that turned out to be DirectInput Effect bugginess on old firmware versions. I haven’t had that issue in a long time on new firmware. Currently running 2023.10.1.

The solution at that time was to disable DirectInput Effects in True Drive and in-game if possible. It was GTR2 at that time but any game using DirectInput Effects was affected.

More details here: